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How to Retract an Email in Outlook? How To Go Back And Even Replace An Email in Outlook!

Almost everyone has felt the crushing disappointment of accidentally relaying a message to the wrong recipient. Email clients aren’t as ubiquitous as messaging apps on smartphones in including an “Unsend” or “Delete for everyone” button.

When users send an email to the wrong person, they can utilize Outlook’s recall email feature to delete the message and start over. Read on for a comprehensive explanation of how to retrieve an old email in Outlook.

The Future: A Brief Discussion

How to Retract an Email in Outlook?

When it comes to email clients, Microsoft Outlook is among the best. It offers a number of benefits over other email providers like Gmail.

It’s easy to use, has great email handling, and works with Microsoft Office. That’s why it’s such a useful tool for increasing efficiency when working from afar.

In addition, To-Do, Teams, and Skype are all seamlessly integrated with Outlook. There are now over 400 million of them, thanks to its success since its 2012 debut.

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Retrieve Deleted Emails in Outlook

Please be aware that the steps outlined here won’t work if you’re using the web-based version of Outlook to retrieve a message. In addition to both of you being on the same company’s version of Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft 365 on a desktop client, you’ll also both need to be in the same organization.

Emails sent outside of your company’s domain cannot be recalled using the Outlook capability. This means it can mostly be used to enhance email exchanges within a company. You might be tempted to close Outlook out of frustration, but there is a way to undo a sent message.

  1. locate the email you wish to recall in your inbox’s Sent Items folder. If you just emailed it, it should be at or near the top of the list. Just double-click it.
  2.  select the Message button situated in the top menu bar. It will grow in size as a result. A letter and an envelope icon should appear in the Move section once you do so. If you want more choices, select that.
  3.  you should see a wider variety of choices. To retrieve the message, pick the appropriate button.
  4. Select the Messages tab, then the options menu (three dots), then Actions, and finally Recall This Message, depending on your user interface.
  5. The is to look for a new window to appear. Your choices are to either Delete Unread Copies and Replace them with New messages or Delete Unread Copies of This Message.
  6. There needs to be an option that tells you whether or not the process is completed successfully. Depending on your preferences, you can switch it on or off.
  7.  if you want to send a new message, Outlook will bring up a new window where you can edit the text before sending it. When you start composing a new email in Outlook, it will automatically pull up any previous correspondence you’ve had with that contact. When finished making changes, hit the Send button.

Please be aware that the recipient may need to open the recall message before Outlook will allow you to recall it. If you want to catch someone’s attention, you should probably type something. It is possible that the recipient will not be informed when recalled communications are erased. Even if the recipient cannot read an email adequately, they may still be aware that something rude or useless was sent.

Outlook’s Version History and Differences

How to Retract an Email in Outlook?


There is a wide range of similar Microsoft service alternatives. You can use the above as a guide, but keep in mind that your version of Outlook may have different options. To use the recall option in Outlook, be it Outlook 365, Outlook 2019, or an older version, simply follow the general outline given here. If you can’t seem to see it, you may need to make sure your Outlook client can display the feature.

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  • Email Recall Requirements
  • Both you and the recipient need to be using Outlook and connected to an exchange server.
  • Unread emails are required.
  • When attempting the recall, make sure the recipient’s mailbox is accessible.
  • Emails sent before the recall will not be affected by Span filters, rules, or extensions.

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What Could Happen if You Tried to Delete that Email from Outlook?

The recall will fail if the recipient has already opened the email, at which point the recipient will be informed of the failed recall.

It will be erased and the recipient will be told that you recalled the email if they have not viewed it and it fits the other criteria.

Please take into consideration that the recall will still function even if the receiver has opened the email, taken a screenshot, and subsequently marked it as unread.

Options Besides Replying to An Old Email

How to Retract an Email in Outlook?

Outlook’s message recall function is far from ideal and leaves a lot to be desired. Don’t worry if you can’t remember your email address; there are several options available. These are only a few examples.

Sent an Email of Remorse

Of course, you should always check to make sure the intended recipient receives your email, but it happens to the best of us. Sending an email to the wrong person is easily avoided by just apologizing to the intended recipient.

In fact, it’s always better to apologize sincerely and earn back the other person’s confidence and respect. Simply compose a short email explaining the error, apologizing, and asking them to remove the message if it contained anything crucial, such as another email. Inserting a Timeout in Outlook to Retrieve Previously Sent Messages

Setting a delay prevents your emails from being sent instantly. You might wish to apply a delay to your sent emails if you have to respond to a lot of emails, send sensitive information, or just don’t trust yourself.

What Are the Rules for The Outlook Email?

  • To add pauses to your outgoing emails, please read the guidelines below.
  • The first thing you need to do is head to Outlook‘s menu bar and select File from the drop-down menu.
  • select the menu item labeled Manage Rules & Alerts.
  • a rules-setting window will appear. Select the “New Rule” button to create a new rule.
  • Four, a new window will appear on top of the current one, this time containing a selection of options neatly organized into sub-headings.
  • To apply the rule to your outgoing messages, click the button labeled “Apply rule on messages I send.”
  • The following page can be accessed by clicking Next.
  • Five, a new window will pop up with a selection of cheeseable conditions. Nonetheless, we are exempt from making that selection, so we can move on by clicking Next.
  • There will be a prompt confirming your selection.
  • To finish, confirm by clicking the Yes button:
  • Look for a checkbox labeled “defer delivery by a number of minutes,” and choose it to delay deliveries for a certain amount of time.
  • To read more, please visit the linked-to section of the sentence.
  • You can delay the email’s activation by a custom amount of time.
  • Clicking the Next button will take you to a new window where you can modify your ruleset. We didn’t have any, however, if you browse down, you might find something useful. If you’re ready to finish up, click the Next button.

you’ll give your rule a title and make any last-minute adjustments. When you are ready, select Finish to save and activate your rule.

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The Reasons Why Memory Often Fails to Return

How to Retract an Email in Outlook?

Although it seems obvious, the recall feature isn’t always reliable. With today’s lightning-fast internet speeds, the person you sent an email to may have already received it. It’s possible that trying to remember an email could backfire for the reasons listed below. You might find several examples below:

The contents of a public folder can be viewed by anybody with access to the server. The recall will be unsuccessful if someone opens it.

For example, if the recipient has a rule set up to automatically move emails like yours to a different folder, the recall won’t work. That’s why, if you make a mistake, you need to fix it quickly. The email can no longer be recalled once the recipient has opened it.

Recalled messages can still be received and viewed by the intended recipient, however, the feature is limited to unseen messages in the inbox. Outlook is the only email client that supports the recall feature, so if you use Gmail or another service, you’re out of luck.


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