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Learn How To Set up Outlook’s “Out of Office” Feature? Step-By-Step Instructions!

Home›Tech› Using Your IPhone’s Mail, Outlook, or Gmail Apps, You Can Easily Create an ‘Out of Office’ Email Response. How to set up your iPhone’s Mail, Outlook, or Gmail app to automatically respond with ‘out of office’ when you receive an email. The time now is 22:49 IST on September 3, 2019. On your iPhone, how can you set an automated “out of office” email response?

vacation on an iphoneShutterstock.If you’re going on vacation, you don’t want to have to worry about checking your email because you forgot to set up an out-of-office reply on your iPhone. On your iPhone, you can establish an out-of-office message, but only for certain email providers. This feature is only available for Microsoft Exchange accounts via the default mail app. There are a couple more options available if you have the Gmail or Outlook app installed.

The Gmail App for iPhone.

In this article, we’ll show you how to create an out-of-office message in the most popular iPhone mail programs. Please check out Business Insider’s homepage for more news. The ability to utilize an out-of-office message to notify contacts when you will be unavailable to respond to emails is a must-have for anyone who sends and gets a lot of emails.

Unfortunately, the iPhone only partially supports out-of-office texts. Only Microsoft Exchange email accounts can be set up for automated responses in the default Mail app. The Gmail app for iPhone lets you configure out-of-office answers. It’s also possible to send out-of-office communications via the Outlook app for Exchange, Office 365, and accounts.

Imagine for a moment: There will be a few days off from work, so you don’t want to be harassed by work emails while you’re away. You may not be able to react to emails promptly in some situations. Not responding to emails for an extended length of time, on the other hand, could appear unprofessional.

Is This Something You Wish to Avoid?

Learn how to set up Outlook's "Out of Office" feature? Step-by-step instructions.

When you go on vacation, make sure you turn on your email’s out-of-office option and relax. People can use the Out-of-Office status to let others know if you’re on a leave of absence or otherwise won’t be in the office. Your status informs the sender that you are out of the office if they need to contact you for an urgent situation or if they need your immediate reaction.

Aside from explaining the reason why you’ll be unavailable, you can also specify when you’ll be back and what needs to be done while you’re away. Out-of-office status in Outlook can be configured in two ways depending on the type of account you have. Certain sorts of accounts have the opportunity to set up automatic replies, but it’s not available to everyone. However, automatic responses are not available in all accounts. When you’re not in the office, you can set up a rule to send an automated response.

How to Set Your Outlook App?

Learn how to set up Outlook's "Out of Office" feature? Step-by-step instructions.

Using this tutorial, you’ll learn exactly how to set your Outlook App status to “Out of Office” and respond to incoming emails while you’re away from the office.
The first method is to use automatic replies in the Outlook app to set an end-of-the-workday message. Setting out-of-office status is simple if your email program includes an Automatic Reply feature.

  • It’s time to open Outlook. To see if you have an option for automatic replies, go to File > Info (Out-of-Office).
  • Set your out-of-office status if you have the ability to do so.
  • To activate automatic replies, select the option.
  • Click on “Send automated replies.” Setting the parameters for your “out of office” status is made possible by this.
  • Out-of-office status can be triggered for a specific period of time. Sending a reply with a customized message is also an option.
  • Select OK.
  • Thus, your status will be changed to “out of office.” Outlook automatically responds to any incoming mail during the designated time with a message informing the recipient of your out-of-office status.
  • Out-of-office messages are visible in Outlook’s inbox.
  • Turning off your out-of-office status is as simple as clicking the button.

Methodology 2 – how To Use Rules and A Template to Set out Of the Office in The Outlook App?

Learn how to set up Outlook's "Out of Office" feature? Step-by-step instructions.


Don’t Worry if You Don’t See the Option for Automatic Replies when You Click on File. There’s an Alternate Route to Take. the Out-Of-Office Status and Answer Emails Can Be Enabled by Following the Instructions Below.

  • You Have Two Key Stages to Follow While Using This Strategy. Out-Of-Office Rules Need to Be Set up In a Template First.
  • So Let’s Get Started by Creating a Template from Scratch.
  • Creating a Template for Out-Of-Office Emails Is the First Step.
  • Prepare an Out-Of-Office Response in Outlook by Creating a New Mail and Composing Your Message There.
  • Type the Letter’s Subject and Body in The Appropriate Fields.
  • To Rename the Template, Select File > Save as From the Menu Bar. as An Option, Select “save as An Outlook Template” from The Drop-Down Menu.

This Is a Template that Is Preserved. when Building up The Rules, You May Use the Old Templates or Resumes to Make New Ones. This Template Is Now Available for Use. Let’s Layout The Groundwork for What’s to Come.

Step 2 – Designate Out-Of-Office Emails as A Separate Category.

Learn how to set up Outlook's "Out of Office" feature? Step-by-step instructions.

  • Manage Rules and Alerts Can Be Found Under File > Info.
  • Then Select New Rule from The E-Mail Rules Menu.
  • The Rules Wizard Dialogue Box Appears. Next, select the Apply Rule to Communications I Receive Option.

Another Dialogue Box Appears as A Result.

Learn how to set up Outlook's "Out of Office" feature? Step-by-step instructions.

  • in Step 1, Leave the “which Conditions Do You Want to Check?” Checks Unchecked and Click on Next.
  • “this Rule Will Be Applied to Every Communication You Receive” Appears in A Popup Message in Excel. Yes, Please.

“What Are Your Plans for The Message?

Learn how to set up Outlook's "Out of Office" feature? Step-by-step instructions.

It’s at This Point that You’ll Be Asked, “What Are Your Plans for The Message?” Select a Reply Template from The Drop-Down Menu.

  • Step 1: Select “a Specific Template” by Clicking on The Underlined Text.
  • You’ll Be Taken to Another Dialogue Box if You Click the “particular Template” Links.
  • User Templates in The File System Can Be Accessed by Clicking on The Look-In Dropdown.
  • Open the Template You Want to Use by Selecting It and Clicking on The Open Button.
  • Take the Next Step.

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Select Any Exceptions to The Rule in The Following Dialogue Box.

Learn how to set up Outlook's "Out of Office" feature? Step-by-step instructions.

  • Click Next if All of The Boxes Are Ticked and There Are No Exclusions.
  • We’ve Reached the End of The Rules Wizard’s Journey.
  • Check the “turn on This Rule” Checkbox if You Wish to Activate the Rule in This Moment.
  • the Rule Can Be Activated at A Later Time as Well.
  • Finish Your Work by Clicking the Finish Button.
  • Select Ok.
  • Now that The Template and The Rules Are in Place, We’re Ready to Begin.
  • the Out-Off-Office Rule Can Be Turned on And Off as Necessary.
  • Go to File > Info > Manage Rules and Alerts to Set Out-Of-Office.
  • Check Your Rule in The E-Mail Rules Section and Click Ok.

That Is All. Your Out-Of-Office Status Has Been Activated. if Someone Sends You an Email While You’re out Of the Office, an automated response will mention you’re out of the office and include your custom reply.


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