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Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler’s ‘Painful’ Broken Up: Chelsea Handler Reveals All!

In a new interview, Chelsea Handler discusses her split from Jo Koy. After announcing her split from Koy, 51, on Monday, Handler, 47, appeared on the podcast We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle on Wednesday to give fans an update on her health and share more details about her split.

It’s fine. The Chelsea Lately alumnus began the interview by saying, “I feel optimistic about the future right now. You can see how much I’ve changed and how much my love has blown me open.” While the end of a relationship can be incredibly painful, I’m well versed in therapy and understand that every door shutting is a new beginning and I believe it,”

The First Time in Her Life that Handler Has Handled a Breakup.

Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler's 'Painful' Broken up: Chelsea Handler Reveals All!

This is the first time in her life that Handler has handled a breakup in an “honest way,” she said. Rather than “distracting, deflecting, and doing all these things to say ‘I’m fine!’… I’m dealing with it in real-time,” she said. “I’m fine, thank you!'” I’ve learned to accept my pain in therapy and out of therapy, as well as with my friends and all of my support systems.

The joke was on her because she admitted that she had an unhealthy obsession with edibles. “Not to try to numb your pain.” According to a TV host, the “emotional rollercoaster” of her recovery has been one of the most challenging aspects of her journey.
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Since their breakup, Handler has said she is proud of herself for putting herself first.
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“I think you’re saying a lot more to the whole world than that when you have the grounding and the courage to say that something isn’t working,” she said. As the saying goes, “You’re inviting in things that will work better for your needs and what you have available to you.”

Their Relationship.

Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler's 'Painful' Broken up: Chelsea Handler Reveals All!

Handler went on to say, “I’m not going to abandon myself.” It’s up to me to make that decision. The TV personality also talked about ending a relationship and gave a few tips on when it’s no longer worth the effort. One of Handler’s suggestions was to keep one’s standards and expectations in check and to communicate in a loving way. When you compromise and publicly express your love for someone, it’s a good thing.

I believe Jo needed that, something I’ve never been able to do for anyone else,” she said, acknowledging how easy it is to lose one’s identity in a compromise. As for how she’s handling the breakup, Handler attributed a large portion of her recovery to therapy, a place where she was able to dissect her thoughts and examine her own feelings.

The Ex-Chelsea Co-Host Announced Their Split on Instagram.Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler's 'Painful' Broken up: Chelsea Handler Reveals All!

My toolbox is now complete. In addition to meditating, reading, and listening to “things that are going to help,” she also allows herself plenty of time for self-reflection. Handler says she’s optimistic about the future. If Jo Koy doesn’t show up at a specific time, I’m fine with it. She said, “I love him, and he’s on his own path.” A few days ago, the ex-Chelsea co-host announced their split on Instagram.

Handler captioned a video with the words, “It is with a heavy heart that we announce that we have decided together that it is best for us to take a break from our relationship right now.” “My life experience has changed forever because of him,” she wrote. The greatest blessing in my life has been to be adored and cherished by @jokoy.

To say that he made me feel like I had a new lease on life would be an understatement. They’ll always be “great friends and will always have a love for one another,” Koy wrote in an announcement post. She’s my idol and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her, he said. “Keep up the great work, Chelsea! ”

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Now They Are Together?

Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler's 'Painful' Broken up: Chelsea Handler Reveals All!

“Thank you!” An insider tells People the couple’s friends hope this is a short-term affliction. People close to the couple are hoping for a resolution. According to a source, “it’s clear their relationship has had a positive impact on both of their lives…

Nearly two decades have passed since a mutual friend first introduced Handler and Koy. For the next seven years, Koy appeared on Chelsea Lately, the E! show hosted by Chelsea Handler that aired from 2007 to 2014.

During a Los Angeles Dodgers game in September, the ex-couple was seen cuddling up to each other. It was only a few days later that the comedian made the pair’s relationship on the Instagram official by posting two photos, one of which showed the pair kissing.


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