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In Outlook, How To Recall a Previously Sent Message!

Nearly everyone has felt the crushing disappointment of accidentally relaying a message to the wrong recipient. Email clients aren’t as ubiquitous as messaging apps on smartphones in including an “Unsend” or “Delete for everyone” button.

If you send an email from Outlook and immediately regret it, you can utilise the “recall” feature to undo the send. If you want to know how to retrieve an old email in Outlook, keep reading.

Is There a Way to Retrieve a Previously Sent Email in Outlook?

In Outlook, How To Recall a Previously Sent Message!

  1. access your Sent Items folder, where the message you want to recall should be prominently displayed. To proceed, double-click on this email to open it completely.
  2. The second step is to open the Message menu by clicking its tab. Then, as displayed below, go to the area labelled “Move” and click the button depicting a letter and an envelope.
  3. from the menu, select Recall This Message.
  4.  if your interface makes use of the stripped-down ribbon, do the following: To recall a message, go to the Message menu, click the ellipsis (…), then Actions, and finally Recall This Message.
  5.  a new window will suddenly open on your screen. You can either Delete Unread Copies of This Message or Delete Unread Copies and Replace them with a New Message from this screen. You may also choose to have Outlook send you a message when the procedure completes successfully or fails. To proceed, please make your selection(s) and then click OK. Congratulations if you successfully erased the message! Proceed if you wish to replace it.

if you want to make a replacement, Outlook will bring up a new window where you can make changes to the original message. Outlook prompts you to review your previous email while you write a new one (if you selected that option). When you are satisfied with the edited message, click the Send button.

Bear in mind that sending a recall message won’t magically delete your previous message. The recipient may have to open the recall message before the original communication is deleted. To ensure that the recall letter gets read before the first offensive email is opened, you should include the word “URGENT” or similar wording in the subject line.

Keep reading for a more detailed breakdown. Microsoft adds that the receiver may be alerted when recalled communications are removed from their inbox. Just because the receiver can’t see the email doesn’t mean they don’t know that a mistake was made or that something nasty was sent to them.

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Options Besides Trying to Remember an Old Email.

In Outlook, How To Recall a Previously Sent Message!

you can try sending an email of regret. This is the simplest answer to the problem, other than double-checking to make sure the right people are getting your emails.

If you sent an email to the wrong person or people and it wasn’t very shocking, just admit your error and apologise instead of wasting time trying to track down the right people. A sincere apology is usually well-received and may even foster trust. Once that’s done, you can proceed.

Another option is to set a delay before sending your email. Email delays may be necessary if you frequently respond to messages, exchange sensitive information, or are merely forgetful. Simply follow these steps to have this applied to all of your Outlook messages:

  1. open Outlook and go to the File menu in the top left.
  2.  when you get to the bottom of the page, select Manage Rules & Alerts.
  3. Third, a window labelled “Rules and Alerts” should appear. To create a new rule, click on the link.
    In the fourth and last step, a new window will suddenly appear. You can set a rule for all of my outgoing messages by clicking that button.
  4. You’ll find this specified below the Assume Zero Variables guideline. Click the Next button to proceed.
  5. Fifth, disregard the rest of the prerequisites and press the Next button. Afterwards, a confirmation window will show up. Just click the yes button to verify.
  6. 6. Choose the Delay Delivery By a Specific Amount of Time menu item. Select the A Number Of option. The window will show up and you may select the time frame that works best for you. Enter the desired time (up to 120 minutes) and confirm with the OK button. After reading all that, proceed by selecting the Next button.
  7. Select the desired exceptions in Then, proceed by selecting the Next option.
  8. The eighth step is to give your rule a name and activate it by selecting the Turn On This Rule option. Please go to the Finish button at this point.

When I Send an Email, Why Do I Sometimes Not Get a Confirmation?

In Outlook, How To Recall a Previously Sent Message!

The process of recalling an email is not as straightforward as it may seem. A number of problems arise from the fact that the erroneous email is likely already sitting in someone’s inbox given today’s internet speeds (unless you happen to be in a dead zone). There are a few things that can go in the way of your memory when trying to recollect an email.

Is It Possible to Remember an Email Even After an Hour Has Passed?

After one hour, you can always retrieve previously sent emails. As long as the receiver hasn’t opened the email yet, you can recall it. However, time is of the essence, as the recall will be rendered ineffective as soon as the email is opened.

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When an Email Is Cancelled, Does the Recipient Get Notified?

In Outlook, How To Recall a Previously Sent Message!

No, the receiver won’t be aware of a recalled email if the original message is never opened. Sending a second email will just replace the first one in their inbox.

Remembering Read Messages:

You will lose control of your message after it has been opened. While the initial letter is deleted from the recipient’s Outlook inbox, they will continue to receive and read any subsequent recall messages. Because of this, it’s important to move promptly.

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Your recall won’t work if Outlook redirected your original message to a different folder after you sent it, because that filter would have to be active for the recall to work. Messages that are still in the inbox can be recalled. The initial message will persist if it is queued up somewhere else.

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Your recall won’t work if your communication leaks out of an unprotected folder and is read by an unauthorised third party.

Additional Email Clients:

Outlook users can use the recall feature. It won’t work, for instance, if you send the email to a recipient who uses Gmail.

Once again, recalls aren’t failsafe, and your efforts may be stymied by reasons beyond your control. This manual was written with the best intentions, and we hope it proves useful.


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