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5 Drawbacks Of Living In A Home On The Ocean

You must live next to the sea if you feel a connection with the ocean. If you swim a little each day, your life will be a hundred times better. Unfortunately, you will need to deal with problems the average person won’t.

Homes will be attacked by the elements flowing in from the ocean. It’s got a tendency to tear into buildings causing lots of damage. Let’s look at some of the issues beach dwellers will run into.

1. Wind Can Tear Up Your Home

Not only do coastal areas suffer from more rainfall than other areas, but you’ll need to deal with terrible hurricanes. The wind could be strong enough to rip the roof off your home, which will be a nightmare to replace.

You’ll need to replace lots of missing tiles at the very least. Projectiles will smash into exposed glass, so you might need Bradford replacement windows. It’s easier to cover your windows with storm shutters before it gets bad.

2. Your Basement Could Flood

A Whitby windows replacement will stop water from getting through broken and cracked glass, but it will find other ways to get into your basement. You can’t have any ground running downhill towards your home if you live at the beach.

You’ll end up with massive puddles beside your home, which will find their way into your basement. There are many ways to prevent basements from flooding, but ensuring slopes point away from your home is the main one.

3. Dealing With Lots Of Sand

You can’t live at the beach without spending lots of time in the sand. Sadly, the sand likes to come home with you. If you carry it into your home, you’ll spend ages hoovering your carpets and sweeping your floors.

It’s problematic if brushed off in the garden before going inside. Your grass will be damaged, and it can change the pH of your soil. The only real solution is to ensure you’re sand-free before leaving the beach.

4. Metals Will End Up Rusty

Do you know what happens when salty air lands on exposed metals? It won’t take long until everything is rusted. You’ll need to choose metals with better rust resistance, and vehicles will need thick layers of wax.

Salt can damage all sorts of materials after a while.
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The seals on your windows will be vulnerable unless they’re high-quality. You’ll need to do a few things differently, but you can learn all the tricks fast.

5. It’s Noisy When It’s Warm

Everyone flocks to the beach when it’s warm, so you’ll be annoyed by loud noises. It’s only a problem if you live close to busy beaches. You can’t open your windows because you’ll hear people shouting and screaming.

People tend to make more noise when it’s hot outside. It’s probably because we’re all having fun. Be prepared to use air con all summer.
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Look into how you can add more soundproofing to your home for optimal results.

It’s Worth All The Negatives

There are a few extra downsides when you live beside the ocean, but it’s worth all the hassle. It’s hard to find happiness anywhere else if you love the sea.


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