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Hot or Not Composite Images: How to Apply the Tiktok Shapeshifting Filte?

TikTok’s Hot or Not composite image challenge is making waves as a new 2021 trend. TikTok users can participate in the viral challenge by applying a filter and a generic composite picture photo. Here’s an explanation of what it is and how you can participate…

The ‘Hot or Not’ challenge isn’t exactly new to social media. TikTok users have long created videos in which they rate other people out of 10 or decide whether they’re ‘hot’ or ‘not’. TikTok’s Hot or Not composite image challenge, on the other hand, is a little different.

Hot or Not Composite Images Trend on Tiktok

The ‘Hot or Not’ composite images trend on TikTok sees users compare their faces to that of a composite image sheet which rates each face out of 10.

The composite image consists of multiple faces combined. Each is ranked from one to ten.

The image can be downloaded from Wikimedia Commons; it should be saved to your camera roll before being used for the TikTok trend.

How Does the Composite Images Challenge Work?

It is relatively simple to join the trend. To participate in the ongoing challenge, follow these simple steps:

Hot or Not Composite Images

Wikimedia Commons hosts the composite picture sheet. Before you open the TikTok app on your device, save the image to your camera roll.

After saving the image, launch TikTok on your mobile and sign in (or sign up).

Select “shifting” or “shapeshifting” from the effects panel. The app will guide you to trending or popular videos that use the effect in question. For this challenge, both filters will be useful.

To use the effect, select one of the videos featured or hit the button below.

Your camera roll will be shown. To insert the downloaded composite image, tap it.

Once you press the record button, the effect will be activated. You can then customize it (by adding text, music, or other effects) before publishing it to your feed.

Most TikTok users will also let the filter analyze their faces numerous times to check if the findings are somewhat “correct,” for lack of a better description.

Given that most TikTok challenges concentrate around a specific song, most TikTok users also match their video with The Refreshments’ “King of the Hill Theme.” Over 40,000 TikTok videos based on the hot or not composite photos challenge have already used the music.

While some TikTok users are pleased and proud of their results, sometimes gloating about them, others are disappointed and wounded if they receive a low score. However, this does not deter TikTok users from participating in the challenge in order to attract more attention, followers, and likes, and attempt to go viral on the platform.

How to Complete the Challenge of Hot or Not Composite Images

TikTok users who want to participate in the ‘Hot or Not’ trend and make their own videos can do it very easily.

TikTok users should go to the ‘discover’ tab after downloading the composite picture sheet and type in shifting or’shapeshifting’ – both filters will work.

The filter compares your face to one of the faces on the composite picture sheet. While some TikTokers were pleased with their results, others were dissatisfied with the filter’s rating of one out of ten.

What Filter is Used for the Tiktok Challenge “Hot or Not”?

The #shapeshifting filter, as well as a song by The Refreshments dubbed ‘King of The Hill Theme,’ is being used by the majority of TikTokers taking part in the challenge.

Hot or Not Composite ImagesHot or Not Composite Images

Many TikTok users have added text to their videos, which frequently indicates their filter’s ‘rating.’

It appears that a male version of the ‘Hot or Not composite image has yet to be generated in order for guys to participate in the challenge.

The Complications of the Composite Image Trend

The hot or not composite photos trend on TikTok may be destructive to our society’s emotional health until the globe is filled with persons who have an ironclad self-image and awareness. Some individuals will laugh at their results, while others may take them seriously. When this occurs, it creates a serious problem.

Hot or Not Composite Images (2)

Many TikTok users already had a bad self-perception prior to this challenge. Brittani Lancaster, a body activist, stated that being on the app was not worth it because it harmed her mental health.

Even social media sensation Sissy Sheridan expressed her concerns on Twitter, writing, “I liked my physique before I downloaded TikTok.”


The composite challenge scale averages multiple photographs inside a single attractiveness bracket, contradicting the notion that beauty comes in many various shapes and sizes. TikTok trends like this contribute to media expectations of how a “hot” or beautiful person should seem in a modern age where many young children and teenagers struggle with self-worth and warped body image judgments.

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There is no research or data to verify the effect of this specific TikTok challenge, but it may have a long-term negative impact on how women perceive themselves.


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