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HomenewsFollowing Backlash for Her "Fresh Off the Boat" Tweet, Constance Wu Attempted...

Following Backlash for Her “Fresh Off the Boat” Tweet, Constance Wu Attempted Suicide

Constance Wu took to Twitter for the first time in over three years to promote her new book, “Making a Scene,” and to explain that she attempted suicide after the abuse she faced in 2019. Wu sparked controversy on social media after she voiced dissatisfaction with the renewal of her ABC comedy “Fresh Off the Boat.”

“I was frightened to return to social media since it nearly cost me my life three years ago, when I made irresponsible tweets regarding the renewal of my TV program, it sparked uproar and internet shaming that became rather severe,” Wu says in a statement. “I felt terrible about what I’d said, and when a fellow Asian actor informed me in DMs that I’d become a blight on the Asian American community, I began to feel like I didn’t even deserve to exist anymore.” That I was an embarrassment to AsAms and that they would be better off without me. Looking back, it’s bizarre that a few DMs persuaded me to commit suicide, but that’s exactly what occurred. Fortunately, a buddy discovered me and brought me to the ER.”

We expressed disappointment when her ABC comedy “Fresh Off the Boat” was renewed for a second season in 2019. “So unhappy right now that I’m practically sobbing,” the actor tweeted at the time. Ugh. “F—-,” as well as “F—ing hell.
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” When a commenter congratulated her on the renewal, calling it “Great news,” Wu responded, “No it isn’t.”

Constance Wu opens up about attempted suicide after Fresh Off the Boat Twitter backlash

We went on to clarify her remarks, stating that she was furious at the time since the renewal of “Fresh Off the Boat” meant she’d have to reject a passion project. She stated that her television position had become “simple and comfortable,” and she was searching for fresh challenges, which she believed the new project would give.

“It was a terrifying experience that made me evaluate a lot in my life,” Wu says of her attempted suicide. “I put my job on hold for the next several years to focus on my mental health.” AsAms do not discuss mental health sufficiently. While we are quick to celebrate representation victories, there is a lot of avoidance in our community when it comes to the more difficult problems.


Even my tweets became such a sensitive matter that most of my AsAm colleagues opted to ignore or ice me out. I’ll confess that hurt a lot, but it also taught me how vital it is to reach out and care for individuals who are struggling.”

“After a brief vacation from Hollywood and a lot of treatment, I feel OK enough to step back on here,” Wu said at the end of her statement (at least for a little bit). And, despite my fears, I’ve decided that I owe it to me of three years ago to be bold and tell my experience in the hopes that it may assist someone else with theirs.”


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