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Who Is Michael Langdon: Why Did Langdon End His Singing Career?

Michael Langdon, CBE, was a British bass opera singer who performed from 1920 till 1991. Wolverhampton was the place of Langdon’s birth. He had six half-siblings, the youngest of whom was 19 years older than him. When Harry, his youngest son was born, his father, Harry (real name Frank Birtles), was sixty years old.

A young son spent many hours with him, reading to him, taking walks together, and teaching him how to play the piano. Frank was ten years old when Harry died. To his teacher’s disbelief, Frank failed the 11 plus right away.

While attending the less academic high school, he did exceptionally well. He was happy to quit school since he was fed up with it. “[citation required]”

Who Is Michael Langdon?

Who Is Michael Langdon: Why Did Langdon End His Singing Career?

For most of the 1960s and 1970s, he was principal bass at the Royal Opera House and sung the role of Baron Ochs in Der Rosenkavalier. “Basso profundo” has been used to describe his singing voice. In the renowned waltz, he was able to achieve the lowest note with ease while going into a falsetto for the highest note.

Among the other operas in which he appeared were The Midsummer Marriage and Gloriana as well as performances in Billy Budd, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The National Opera Studio was founded and directed by him.


Who Is Michael Langdon: Why Did Langdon End His Singing Career?

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“[citation required]” In 1977, Langdon ended his singing career. In 1982, he wrote his memoirs, Notes From a Low Singer. Colonel Frank in Die Fledermaus was the final role he acted in at Covent Garden, where he had a long-standing relationship.

He was a lifelong supporter of Wolverhampton Wanderers, the team he most closely identified with. “[citation required]” In 1991, Langdon passed away in Hove. Besides his wife, Vera, he is also survived by their two children. Christine and Diane are his daughters. Grandfather’s granddaughter works on BBC Radio 1.

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Appearance and Personality.

Who Is Michael Langdon: Why Did Langdon End His Singing Career?

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