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Does New Jersey Law Mandate a Front Licence Plate?

BRAND NEW JERSEY — Drivers in New Jersey should be aware that as the holiday season approaches, there may be an increase in the number of vehicles on the road without a front license plate. It’s possible that this will cause some motorists to wonder if the state actually permits this.

All vehicles registered in the state of New Jersey must display both front and back license plates. A fine of up to 0 may also be imposed if a license plate holder or cover is used that obscures any of the required wording.

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A petition on to eliminate the need for both front and back license plates has over 12,000 signatures. And in the state assembly, there’s a bill in the works to do away with the license plate altogether.

Some states do not mandate front license plates, and AutoList just compiled a list of those states.

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Twenty of the states on that list don’t mandate a front license plate. Vehicles with out-of-state registrations are permitted to operate with just a rear license plate while out of state.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission website is a good resource for those interested in learning more about their vehicle’s license plate.

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