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Criminals in Jersey City Resort to a Brutal Smash-and-grab Heist to Make Off With Jewels and Cash Worth $500,000.

The robbers who committed a smash-and-grab robbery in Jersey City and made off with $200,000 in cash and jewels valued at nearly $500,000 are still at large.

A customer punched an employee in the head with a gun during a heist that was caught on tape by other shoppers despite the fact that the stores were broken.

There was a report of the occurrence on Sunday at around 4:30. located at 787 Newark Avenue, Sara Jewelry.

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Five males, all concealed behind masks, allegedly entered the business and began breaking display cases in order to steal jewelry.

The criminals exited the business without flinching, even as customers passed by on the sidewalk. They strolled calmly to two waiting cars.

One of the women working the counter was assaulted after being forced to the ground.

According to Zaniv Riaz, a suspect struck and shoved her before ordering her to press a button.

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Two people, including a child of three, were shopping there at the time.
The initial criminal got in by pushing a customer through the opened door after it had been buzzed open.

Naila Akbary, the wife of the shop owner, claimed that she was told to lie down. The workers’ anxiety was amplified when a gun was used during the robbery.

Riaz reported that the man had threatened him with gun violence until the safe was opened.
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The two workers were shaken, but are thankful that neither was shot.
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The shopkeeper reported that roughly $480,000 in jewelry and a bag containing $20,000 in cash were stolen.

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“They didn’t stroll in here and say, ‘Hey, let me rob your store,'” Waheed Akbary, the store owner, claimed. I think they came to see who would be the easiest target.

The investigation has not led to any arrests at this time.


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