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The Bones of a New Jersey Teenager Who Disappeared in 1972 Have Been Positively Identified.

Remains of a missing New Jersey teen from the day following Easter Sunday in 1972 were recently located and positively identified.

A 16-year-old girl named Nancy Carol Fitzgerald vanished on April 3. She was never seen or heard from again.

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On Monday, it was announced that the skeletal remains discovered in the 1980s near the Henry Hudson Bike Trail in Atlantic Highlands were those of Fitzgerald, the subject of a multi-year inquiry that included interviews and DNA testing.

Monmouth County Prosecutor Raymond S.
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Santiago remarked, “Today’s news symbolizes the conclusion of decades of hard labor by a network of individuals whose aggregate determination and inventiveness proved inexhaustible.”

“It’s not just a tribute to their hard work; it’s also a reflection of our steadfast resolve to unearth the truth and serve the interests of justice, no matter how much time has passed or what hurdles may ever come in the way of our investigations,” he said.

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On December 10, 1988, bone remains were discovered during a community cleanup event; however, authorities were unable to positively identify the remains.

In 2020, however, officials from Monmouth County engaged a DNA analysis business in Virginia to perform a forensic genealogical examination of the Jane Doe case using more cutting-edge technology than had previously been accessible. The pieces of the puzzle began to fit together.

As a result, a Georgian relative was located who had been previously unknown. After agreeing to an interview and submitting her mother’s DNA to a database, that relative helped authorities find another possible relative, a lady in Pennsylvania they believe to be Jane Doe’s younger sister.

Authorities claim they interviewed her in August and that she later agreed to provide a DNA sample.
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There was a 99.9997% chance that Jane Doe was in the sample in November.

The deputy medical examiner from the Middlesex Regional Medical Examiner’s Office assessed the updated evidence and made the final identification.

All of Fitzgerald’s living relatives have been notified, and she will be interred with them at their convenience.

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Prosecutor Santiago remarked, “While we are happy that the identification was established, solving a 50-year mystery, this is ultimately a puzzle that will remain unfinished until we uncover the final missing piece: the circumstances surrounding Nancy’s murder.”

“Therefore, we are pleading with anyone who may know anything about this situation to please contact us.

We believe it is not too late to find out what happened to Ms. Fitzgerald and why, as her contemporaries would now be in their 60s, and if possible, to hold any living person who may be responsible for her disappearance to account.”


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