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A Puppy Mill With 135 Dogs and 45 Cats Was Busted in Brick Township, New Jersey.

New Jersey, also known as the Garden State (WABC) – Two distinct women have been taken into custody in the state of New Jersey on the allegation that they were running an illegal puppy mill or breeding factory.

The Brick Township police were summoned to a property on Arrowhead Park Drive, where they discovered many stacks of animal crates that contained a total of 135 dogs and 45 cats. The home was located in Brick Township.

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The officials allege that the home was contaminated with animal waste and have taken the necessary actions as a result of their findings. At this point, we were missing at least two of the dogs from our pack.
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The animals were sent to a variety of local animal shelters located in close proximity to the incident site.

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This residence is occupied by Aimee Lonczack, 49, Michele Nycz, 58, Aimee Lonczack’s daughter, who is 16 years old, Michele Nycz’s granddaughter, who is also 16 years old, and Aimee Lonczack’s granddaughter, who is also 16.

Adults have been taken into custody on suspicion of jeopardizing the welfare of children and being cruel to animals. The adults were also taken into custody on suspicion of endangering the welfare of animals.


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