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HomenewsContinual Heavy Rain Persisted Randy's Festive Lights

Continual Heavy Rain Persisted Randy’s Festive Lights

In the town of Randolph, New Jersey- Stormy weather didn’t stop Randolph locals from waiting in line to meet Santa Claus on December 3 for the holiday lighting ceremony at Veterans Park.

The first two hours of the four-hour event saw temperatures in the low 50s and intermittent bursts of rain, but that didn’t stop many young children from running around and having a great time with their friends, taking pictures in a sleigh constructed by the maintenance staff, or playing in and around Snoopy’s Doghouse.

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Extravaganza Experiences provided a Christmas train, a small marketplace, food trucks, and, of course, a visit with Santa Claus. Other activities included bubble blowing, coloring pages, crafts, live music from several different singers, such as Gabby Toledo and Catherine Cardaci, and more.

Turnout was slightly low due to the heavy but intermittent rain, but those who were there made the most of it.

Christina Garlick, the event’s organizer, remarked, “A little snow is one thing but a rainstorm, you don’t expect that.” But there are children here, and they can’t wait to meet Santa.
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Santa arrived in a town emergency vehicle at 4:30, and the rain had just begun to pick up when he got there, only to calm down by 5 o’clock. After that, there was complete silence in the sky. Santa was here till 6:30.

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As her daughter Taylor stood dreamily imagining the Miko Robot she was longing for Christmas, local resident Amy Laffey said, “We knew that because of the weather the turnout probably wouldn’t be ideal, so we wanted to show our support because it takes a lot of work to put these events together.”

Resident Kathleen Weiner said, “A tiny turnout, especially compared to prior years, but it’s so fun for the kids to come out and see Santa, and to see one another and run about and play.” Maddie Weiner was hopeful Santa would bring her the Barbie she had been wishing for.

How many people came out to see Santa is a testimonial to the festive spirit,” Garlick said.


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