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New Laws in NJ: Several Bills Introduced by Legislators Are Signed into Law by Governor Murphy!

Governor Murphy has signed the following laws into law in New Jersey since September, the latest of which was on December 5, 2022.

Many laws and resolutions were passed and signed into law in New Jersey this year, and we have covered many of them.
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While not a complete list, here are some legislation Governor Murphy took action on, starting from September 15 until today, December 5, 2022.

Laws enacted by Governor Murphy on 15 September 2022:
A-2021/S-1138 (Conaway, Benson/Gopal) – Requires embryo storage facilities to collect and report patients’ health information in a manner consistent with federal legislation.

A-3329/S-994 (McKnight/Ruiz) mandates a study of the impact of the 2019 coronavirus pandemic on local and public utility services, as well as the quarterly collection and publication of specific data on local and public utility services and their customers.

A-3694/S-1800 (Moen, McKnight/Gopal/Stanfield) creates the Department of Education’s “Purple Star Schools Program” to honor institutions that go above and above in their support of military children.

Appropriate funds for cancer screenings for professional firemen who are not registered in the State Health Benefits Program (SHBP) pursuant to A-4127/S-2743 by Stanley, Spearman, Murphy/Greenstein, and Singleton.

Exempts facilities that produce recycled materials from REP requirements under A-4254/S-2852 (Coughlin, Karabinchak, Kennedy, Lopez/Diegnan).

A-4373/S-2900 (Calabrese, Speight/Sarlo) – Permits municipal emergency management coordinators to reside within acceptable proximity to the municipality in which they are employed.

To express support for the commissioning of SSN-796, U.S.S. New Jersey, in New Jersey, AJR-57/SJR-47 (Moen, Mukherji, Dancer/Beach, Cruz-Perez).

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These bills were also vetoed by the Governor:

A-793/S-1427 (Timberlake, Tucker, Reynolds-Jackson/Gill, Turner) – CONDITIONAL – Expands eligibility for some buyers to acquire property at sheriff’s sales; establishes “Community Wealth Preservation Program.”

A-3149/S-438 (McKeon, Dancer, Benson/Smith, Codey) – CONDITIONAL – Changes entity responsible for the management of NJ School of Conservation to a nonprofit organization, and requires DOE to request financing for the center annually.

A-4101/S-2666 (Lopez, Coughlin/Vitale, Corrado) – CONDITIONAL – Requires MVC to prompt application for specific documents to submit information into “Next-of-Kin Registry.

A-4107/S-2768 (Schaer, Conaway, Verrelli/Vitale, Singer) – CONDITIONAL – Makes several adjustments to regulation of emergency medical services; develops mobile integrated health program and new State Emergency Medical Services Medical Director in DOH.

Amendments to the CAFRA thresholds for development that must be approved by the DEP are made by A-2676/S-1212 (McClellan/Testa) (ABSOLUTE).

On 22 September 2022, Governor Murphy signed the following measures into law:
Act to establish the New Jersey Minority, Women, and Underserved Farmer Registry (S-772/A-1929; Pou, Pennacchio/Swain, Dancer, McKnight).

Duct cleaning is now recognized in S-1027/A-2208 (Singleton, Cruz-Perez/Greenwald, Verrelli, Sampson) as public labor covered by the prevailing wage statute.

Limits fees for copies of medical and billing records, S-2253/A-3656 (Scutari, Pou/Stanley, McKnight, Benson).

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These bills were also vetoed by the Governor:

S-757/S-2772 (Sarlo, Oroho/Freiman, Mukherji, Dancer) – CONDITIONAL – Authorizes, under specified conditions, special occasion events at specified commercial farms located on conserved farmland.

Suspicions over the promptness with which UI payments are disbursed motivate the sponsors of SCS for S-2357 and ACS for A-3830 (Madden, Lagana/Moriarty, Haider, Danielsen) to include conditional language.

Conditionally grants certain rights and safeguards to temporary workers; A-1474/S-511 (Lopez, Danielsen, Carter/Cryan).

On 21 October 2022, several bills were signed into law by Governor Murphy:
This bill (A-3149 wGR/S-438; McKeon, Benson, Smith, Codey) would transfer management of the New Jersey School of Conservation to a nonprofit and require the Department of Energy (DOE) to submit an annual request for financing.

A-4101 wGR/S-2666 For the “Next-of-Kin Registry” to function as intended, (Lopez, Coughlin/Vitale, Corrado) mandates that MVC ask applicants for specific documentation.”

Makes significant adjustments to regulation of emergency medical services; creates mobile integrated health program and new State Emergency Medical Services Medical Director in DOH (A-4107 wGR/S-2768, Scherer, Conaway, Verrelli/Vitale, Singer).

After signing the following bill into law on October 31, 2022, Governor Murphy announced:
Proclaims October as “First Responders Appreciation Month” annually (SJR23/AJR161; Singleton, Corrado/Quijano, Stanley, Swain).

The following bill was signed into law by Governor Murphy on November 7, 2022:
National Apprenticeship Week in New Jersey is established annually by SJR-24/AJR-154 (Singleton, Zwicker/Space, Egan, DeAngelo).


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Legislation signed into law on 1 December 2022 by Governor Murphy reads as follows:
Vitale, Codey/Stanley, Conaway, McKnight S-2118/A-3678 – Mandates that DHS recalculate Medicaid eligibility every year.

On this day, 5 December 2022, the following bill was signed into law by Governor Murphy:
This bill (A-655/S-3051; Verrelli, Wimberly, Dancer/Gopal; Polistina; Zwicker) would exclude some veterans who receive a federal Total and Permanent Disability discharge from having their student loan debt written off from the federal gross income tax.


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