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A New Jersey Woman Decided to Pursue Her Passion for Flowers Amid the Recent Pandemic.

We introduced a bagel store owner last month. A woman with a similar story appears.

Amy Gofton loves flowers from birth. Studio Nectar’s Montclair owner told CBS2’s John Dias that her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother loved gardening.
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Gofton called it a sensory experience. “Some smell lovely. Every day doesn’t work. Love it.”

It’s hard to imagine she wasn’t always a florist. For approximately 25 years, she worked in fashion. Recently designing Kate Spade handbags.

“As you get higher along in the corporate ladder, you kind of drift away from the hands-on design part,” said Gofton. “I missed making stuff.”

When the world shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, she grew to like her flower. She discovered that flowers and spending more time with her spouse and sons made her happy.

“I missed my kids growing up,” remarked Gofton. “My passion for fashion was no longer my profession.”

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She quit. She opened her Bellevue Avenue boutique three months ago after designing bouquets and arrangements for clients in a private studio.

Sustainability and locally produced flowers distinguish Studio Nectar.

“During the growing season, we spend a lot of time and energy trying to discover extremely rare and really fresh,” said Gofton.

She’s making her customers happy now and doesn’t regret the professional choice.

“The tradeoffs that were more significant to me when I was younger, I grew out of and didn’t think I wouldn’t miss,” said Gofton.
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Proving your life direction can happen unexpectedly.

Prudential found that 20% of workers have switched jobs after the COVID-19 pandemic. Work-life balance was key.


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