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HomenewsNew Jersey: Real ID Deadline Extended. Be Ready.

New Jersey: Real ID Deadline Extended. Be Ready.

When I went to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission in the summer to renew my registration and receive new license plates, I realized I was missing a vital piece of identification and put off getting it until now.

That, combined with my reluctance to make unnecessary trips to the NJ-MVC, has prevented me from obtaining a legal form of identification.

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Thankfully, it appears that we have been given another reprieve to acquire valid photo identification.

Just What Does “Legitimate Identification” Entail?

Access to several federal facilities and nuclear power stations now requires Real IDs.

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However, for regular New Jersey citizens like you and me, a valid ID is mostly needed in order to check in for a domestic trip.

The original implementation date for genuine ID was April 202, however, COVID-19 delayed it to May of 2022.

I Need a Real Id, but How Can I Get One?

Make an appointment with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission first.

As an example, I had to schedule my driver’s license appointment four weeks in advance.

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Second, you’ll need six forms of identification, such as a driver’s license, utility bill, bank statement, lease, or rental agreement showing your present residence.

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If you’re interested in the Six Points, you should definitely check out all of your available possibilities.

When Do We Reconvene Now? Will Authentic Ids Be Needed?

Patch states that the new date was pushed back because of ongoing issues with COVID-19 and an overwhelming volume of requests.
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May 7th, 2025 is the new date.

It’s a blessing for someone like myself who always waits until the last minute to get things done.


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