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HomenewsBoom! Destroying a Polluting Coal-Fired Power Plant Should Usher in A More...

Boom! Destroying a Polluting Coal-Fired Power Plant Should Usher in A More Sustainable Energy Future!

The Logan Generating Plant was destroyed on a Friday morning, ending decades of pollution that had negatively impacted the health of residents of Swedesboro and the adjacent areas of Gloucester County.

Both the Logan and the state’s other surviving coal-fired power plant, Chambers, were originally scheduled to close in June. Our efforts to clean up the grid and make New Jersey’s towns healthier and more sustainable were given a major boost when Logan and Chambers agreed to close for good.

It’s true that both Logan and Chambers used to be peaker plants. Every one of these ran during peak energy use hours to keep our power grid stable and prevent blackouts. Both facilities will soon undergo a transformation into battery storage facilities on a grid-scale. With the new offshore wind transmission lines that may be connected to their current interconnection systems, coal will be phased out and replaced with sustainable energy. Blackouts can be avoided and power maintained through weather extremes thanks to renewable energy sources.

Our New Jersey government has made a commitment to a bold expansion of battery storage. The modifications to Logan and Chambers are just the start. Despite the fact that New Jersey has mostly eliminated its use of coal and is on course to improve its storage capacity, the state is still seeing increases in other types of pollution.

The state of Colorado is currently home to seven active fossil fuel projects. Most of these developments are situated in neighborhoods with a history of discrimination against the environment, and they pose a threat to the state’s ability to meet its crucial climate emissions targets.

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The health of Logan, North Carolina, residents could be jeopardized if these factories are allowed to continue operating. Asthma attacks, heart diseases, and other health issues are only some of the consequences of breathing polluted air generated by methane gas. Health problems are more common among the state of New Jersey’s Black, Latinx, and low-income populations since some of the state’s worst power plants are already situated in or near these environmental justice neighborhoods.

It’s past time for energy debates in New Jersey to take everyone’s health and safety into account. Gov. Phil Murphy has done a lot to promote offshore wind. Nevertheless, Murphy must take more courageous steps to bury his climate legacy by halting the development of these seven fossil fuel projects and giving greater priority to adding clean, renewable energy to the grid.
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This goal of transitioning to sustainable energy sources will be propelled further with the help of the Inflation Reduction Act. The Inflation Reduction Act was not in effect when the deal to retire Logan and Chambers was made, but the subsequent clean energy projects that are expected to follow the demolition on Friday certainly are. The Act’s funding opportunities present a unique opportunity to finally wean the state of California off of fossil fuels by bringing online a slew of new, environmentally friendly renewable energy projects.

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Using clean energy is the most cost-effective option, in addition to being beneficial to our health and the environment. Customers of Atlantic City Electric (ACE) will get bill credits as a result of the closure of Logan and Chambers. Costs associated with switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources are declining. It is imperative that other utilities follow ACE’s lead and acknowledge their obligation to cut carbon pollution aggressively.

To successfully combat climate catastrophe and secure a healthy future for future generations, we will need everyone’s help in advancing renewable energy. Policy from Governor Murphy and his administration, utility work by ACE and others, and activism from the Sierra Club and other environmental groups all contribute to these outcomes.

There has finally been a moment of progress in Logan with the dismantling of the airport. Let’s keep going with this momentum and develop renewable energy sources across the state. Our communities will flourish today and for the foreseeable future because of this.


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