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HomenewsRespecting the Second Amendment, New Jersey's Strict Gun Laws Will Save Lives!

Respecting the Second Amendment, New Jersey’s Strict Gun Laws Will Save Lives!

In its recent Bruen decision, the United States Supreme Court declared that individuals have the right to carry concealed firearms in public, regardless of whether they can demonstrate a solid reason or safety concerns.

This will surely cost the lives of innocent New Jersey people, which is ironic. Therefore, the lawmaker must act to reduce the damage caused by this ruling while adhering to the country’s applicable law.

Let’s keep it simple. What could possibly go wrong with thousands of people carrying loaded firearms in the nation’s most populous state?

In the majority opinion, Judge Clarence Thomas stated that the benefits of Gun Safety Regulations cannot be disregarded when evaluating Second Amendment rights.

Obviously, he stated this, since the empirical data studies conclusively demonstrate the calamity that will ensue if New Jersey does not implement legislation.

Large-scale research concluded in 2022 that more permissive gun-carrying regulations linked to a 29% increase in violent firearm crime, a 32% increase in firearm robberies, and a 35% increase in legal weapon theft.

Missouri and Connecticut are two more recent examples, with the former having less restricted takeout restrictions than the latter.

The rate of violent crime rose by 15% in Missouri, whereas it declined significantly in Connecticut.

Regardless of training and experience, a police officer must make split-second decisions to employ deadly force that can have terrible and irrevocable results.

Simple logic implies that enabling a person with insufficient training to engage in chaotic, high-pressure situations, misidentify a perceived danger, and fire improperly will result in the needless loss of life.

Everyday disagreements can escalate into lethal confrontations. The major law enforcement unions endorse the approach of the legislation for this and other valid reasons.

According to the Rambo myth, a nice person with a gun will always save the day. According to the most current National Crime Victimization Survey, however, just 2% of non-fatal violent crime victims and 1% of property crime victims utilize firearms for self-defense.

The fact is indisputable. More firearms in public decrease our safety. Consequently, it is incumbent upon us as lawmakers to allow ourselves to be directed by the law of the land, while simultaneously writing legislation that will cause the least amount of harm feasible.

Some contend that our categorization of sensitive areas is “too wide” and needs to be “narrowly limited.” A law must be carefully designed to further a compelling government interest in order to withstand heightened scrutiny.

The Bruen decision was not intended to be a regulatory straightjacket, stated Judge Thomas. The verdict did not determine who could purchase firearms. Neither did it prevent the banning of firearms in sensitive areas.

In their approval of the ruling, Chief Justice John Roberts, Justices Brett Kavanaugh, and Samuel Alito made it clear that the Second Amendment permits a variety of firearms limitations.

In addition to the New Jersey legislature’s list of common sense situations where concealed handguns should be forbidden, the constitutionality of applicant requirements such as background checks and training is unaffected.

A similar court case in another jurisdiction upheld a $340 cost, therefore the $200 fee, which represents a small portion of what law enforcement actually requires to undertake the essential checks, is reasonable.

This year, there have been 18,235 killings, 21,714 suicides, and 46 school shootings in the United States as of this writing.
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The Supreme Court of the United States has sensibly overturned a century-old New Jersey rule that restricted who might conceal and carry loaded firearms.

Now it is up to our intelligence to continue the New Jersey heritage of sensible gun restriction that respects the Second Amendment and saves lives.

John McKeon is the representative for the 27th Legislative District, which encompasses portions of the counties of Morris and Essex. McKeon is a primary supporter of A4769, which controls the concealment and carrying of permits.


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