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A $3.7 Million Winning Pick 6 Lottery Ticket Was Purchased at a New Jersey Deli.

Officials said that a winning Pick-6 lottery ticket with a jackpot worth $3.7 million was purchased in Hudson County for the drawing that took place on Thursday night.

According to a statement released by the New Jersey Lottery on Friday, the winning ticket was acquired from Borinquen Corner, a deli and grocery store located on West Side Avenue in Jersey City.

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The following numbers were drawn as winners on Thursday: 8, 23, 24, 26, 32, and 46.

Since a ticket for $2.7 million was purchased in Lyndhurst for the drawing on October 20 of the twice-weekly New Jersey Lottery game, no one has been able to win the jackpot since then.

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The top prize for Monday’s drawing will remain at $2 million, and players will have the option to take $1 million in cash instead.

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There is a one in 9,366,819 chance that a ticket purchased for two dollars will match all six numbers. The Pick 6 matrix contains a total of 46 different integers.


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