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Christian Bale and Sibi Blai’s 22-year Marriage: Everything You Need to Know

Christian Bale, 48, never intended to marry. That is until he met his 52-year-old wife Sibi Blair. “Everyone in my family was divorced, so I didn’t have very good thoughts about marriage,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald in July 2012. “Then I met Sibi, and it sounded like a terrific idea.”

In January 2000, the couple eloped in Las Vegas and had since grown their family of two to a family of four, welcoming two children together: Emmeline Bale in 2005 and Joseph Bale in 2014. So, who swept the actor off his feet and altered his mind about marriage? Please continue reading to learn everything there is to know about Sibi and her lovely marriage to Christian.

Sibi Is A Multitalented Woman

While Christian keeps his personal life quiet, he has spoken out a few times about his relationship with Sibi, who is of Serbian heritage but was born in Chicago. In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, the Batman actor stated that he met Sibi while she was working as Winona Ryder’s assistant on Stranger Things. Winona and Christian were working on Little Women in 1994.

Everything We Know About Christian Bale's Wife Of 20 Years, Sibi Blažić

Sibi’s credentials do not end there. According to her IMDb website, she has also modeled and served as a stuntwoman in 2019’s Ford v Ferrari and 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises. Christian bragged to the Wall Street Journal in 2014, “My wife was a stunt driver, she was pursuing me across the city in Batman.” “She was at the wheel of one of the cop cars.” She can turn 180 degrees and perform tricks. She frightens me. “My wife frightens me.”

Christian Has Sibi’s Unwavering Support.

Christian got a Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2011 for his performance in The Fighter. He thanked his wife and credited her with his success after collecting the prize. “I get emotional about those things.” It’s important because I honestly feel you can’t enjoy [success] without your spouse,” he told People onstage during the performance. “It takes a long time to make a movie,” he added. “It’s not simply the time you’re shooting. The persona is created well before the first day of filming, so [my wife] had to marry so many different characters throughout our marriage. I know it would be difficult to complete without her.”

The Untold Truth Of Christian Bale's Wife - Sibi Blazic

Sibi is so committed that she frequently visits Christian on set while he is filming. “I bring my wife and daughter with me on location.” “It’s the best combination,” he told Parade in a 2008 interview (via People). “These great diversions improve my performance.”

Sibi Is the “Strongest Woman”

In a 2017 interview with Us Weekly, Christian became emotional while discussing how great a person — not just a wife — Sibi is. “[My wife] prefers to be alone. And, of course, I want to keep that…but we have a wonderful private life,” he explained as Sibi stood by his side. “She’s the strongest lady I’ve ever met in my life.” And you’re causing me to cry! I’m far too sensitive! I don’t believe I am, but you got me with that!”


While Sibi seldom speaks to the media, it’s reasonable to imagine she’d have similar thoughts about her relationship with Christian!


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