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HomenewsCentral Jersey Could Become an Official Municipality in New Jersey.

Central Jersey Could Become an Official Municipality in New Jersey.

When someone says, “Central Jersey isn’t real,” you hear it for the millionth time.

That is where I must respectfully disagree. Whether you think New Jersey should remain a single state or be split into two, you’re on one side of the debate.

Much of my childhood was spent in South Jersey. My hometown was located in South Jersey, although it was closer to Philadelphia than, say, Atlantic or Cape May Counties. The eastern part of South Jersey may disagree, but if you look at a map, you’ll notice that Gloucester County is indeed in South Jersey.

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Simply put, this is the western half of the area in question. Just though folks from the eastern section of South Jersey have tried to tell me otherwise doesn’t make it any less true. So sorry to break the news to you, friends.

But those who call the state’s core region home faced a considerably more uphill battle as children and young adults.

They don’t have much in common with those who live in southern New Jersey, but they also don’t relate to those in the northern regions of the state. So, what exactly does Central Jersey specialize in?

One thing you can count on is a healthy cross-section of New York and Philadelphia sports enthusiasts. Second, you’ll find that Central Jerseyans are big admirers of both pork rolls and scrapple.

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Central Jersey is home to both significant historical sites and extensive forests. Indeed, South Jersey is home to the famous Pine Barrens, but it also boasts a wealth of other forest covers.

They also boast a few major urban centers. When discussing about significant cities in South Jersey, only Atlantic City comes to mind.

When I think of New Jersey, Central Jersey has always come to mind as an area with its own distinct personality.

So, I couldn’t help but feel happy for all those Jersey citizens who are from there when lawmakers proposed a move to officially recognize it as a legitimate location once and for all.

There are many hurdles that need to be overcome before that can happen, but if it does, it will put an end to the doubters in Central Jersey for good.


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