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A Bus Crash on I-59 Results in 11 Hospitalizations and a New Jersey Family Traveling to a Reunion in Tuscaloosa

A chartered tour bus carrying more than 50 members of a New Jersey family to a reunion in Tuscaloosa detoured off Interstate 59 near Exit 181, leaving them stuck in Attalla.

According to Reggie Hill of Patterson, New Jersey, at least 11 people visited nearby hospitals, some with injuries that weren’t considered life-threatening and others “simply to be looked out.”

According to Gadsden Fire Chief Wil Reed, the bus was traveling south when it crossed the median and the northbound lanes of traffic before coming to rest on the side of the road close to Campers Unlimited.

With aid from the fire departments in Gadsden and Reece City, the Attalla Fire Department responded. The Gadsden-Etowah Emergency Management Agency and many neighborhood ambulance organizations responded.
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The 55 family members who were not rushed to hospitals from the crash site were brought to Carnes Recreation Center, where emergency medical workers assessed them and additional patients were brought for care.

The Lord’s spirit was present, according to Hill. “There are no fatalities or major injuries.”

A Bus Crash on I-59 Results in 11 Hospitalizations and a New Jersey Family Traveling to a Reunion in Tuscaloosa (1)

The family was shocked by the trip’s detour, he added, but they were grateful for the folks they met later.

We value the compassion of the town’s residents, Hill remarked. Everyone turned out in our full support.


The bus carried family members of various ages, including “my grandkids,” according to Hill.

While parents checked in with relatives and those who had gone to hospitals and waited to learn when the charter bus company would arrange for another bus for them, many youngsters played basketball and ran around the gym.

They were traveling to Tuscaloosa to attend a gathering of Hill’s grandparents’ Wilder family. For a meet and greet tonight, they were anticipated. Hill remarked that it was evident they wouldn’t attend the event.

He said that the New Jersey relatives were traveling to the reunion for the first time.
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We sold dishes and had fish fries to collect money, the man claimed. They raised and saved $13,000, and the entire thing was dependent on the hired bus.

Hill said that he had no idea what had caused the vehicle to go off the road. According to family members and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Highway Patrol Division, the accident occurred at around 4:30 p.m.

I-59’s northbound lanes were blocked as a result of the incident close to the 181-mile mark.

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Family members were thrown about the bus as it crossed the median and moved into the shoulder but the bus did not flip.

Oh, did we, said Hill.

And frequently, an occurrence of that nature would have caused severe injuries or worse. Hill tried to see the good in the accident.

Hill stated that “the Lord sometimes converts something horrible into something wonderful.” “God’s favor was upon us.”


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