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WWDC 2022: A New MAC Book Air, I OS 16 on I PADS, and A Host of Other Updates!

The WWDC 2022 presentation from Apple was a success. iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 to watchOS 9 and macOS Ventura will be released this autumn with a ton of new features, and Apple is updating the MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the latest Apple M2 chip before then.

There will be a slew of significant changes announced at WWDC 2022 that will have a significant influence on the Apple products you use. In the span of an hour and forty minutes, Apple went through an extensive list of modifications and additions targeted at improving the interoperability of its devices and enabling new possibilities.
Here are the most important announcements from the upcoming WWDC 2022.

iOS 16 will feature a revamped lock screen with more personalization options when it is released in the autumn. Widgets can also be added to the lock screen. In addition to editing and recalling texts, Apple’s messaging program, Messages, will allow you to watch films using SharePlay.

Apple Is Working with Car Manufacturers.

Apple is working with car manufacturers on a new interface for Car Play that is expected to be released in the first half of 2017.

WWDC 2022

If you have an iPhone, make sure to check out our list of iOS 16-compatible devices. In the new MacBook Air 2022, we have a pretty impressive-looking laptop.

To make up for the 20% smaller size, you get a 13.6-inch display with an M2 processor and an even better 1080p webcam. This powerful laptop is made even more appealing by the choice of four different colors. What’s the only snag here? The starting price of $1,199 / AU$1,899 is quite high. The new MacBook Pro 2022 13-inch will also include the M2 processor.

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New Multitasking Feature.

apple-wwdc-2022 keynote


There are a surprising number of changes in macOS Ventura, including a new name after the seaside city in Southern California. There is a new multitasking feature called Stage Manager that puts the app you are currently working on in the spotlight. In macOS Ventura, you’ll be able to utilize your iPhone as a webcam for video calls, which is a welcome addition.
iPadOS 16: Multitasking is also supported on the iPad with Stage Manager. Using the Freeform software, groups may collaborate on a shared whiteboard, and Apple is promoting the iPad’s enhanced gaming capabilities. With this year’s upcoming software updates, watchOS 9 appears to be the most mundane of them all. It introduces new watch faces. Newer capabilities like the ability to track your sleep stages and keep a history of abnormal heartbeats are also available.

The WWDC 2022 Keynote.

Here’s our live blog from the WWDC 2022 keynote, where we discussed our thoughts on Apple’s announcements in real-time.


I hope your day is going well. There’s still a lot to discover about the new devices and software improvements that were unveiled during WWDC 2022’s major keynote yesterday, so stay tuned for further updates.

WatchOS 9, the newest version of Apple’s wearable operating system, will be our first port of call. New running metrics, watch faces, and sleep monitoring statistics are all included in this update for Apple Watch. However, it turns out that it won’t be available on every Apple Watch — even one that is currently being sold by the company.

Kate Kozuch, the editor of Tom’s Guide, has compiled a list of the watchOS 9 devices she recommends avoiding, as well as a defense of the current Apple Watch model.
The iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and the original iPhone SE were expected to be removed from the iOS 16 supported devices list prior to the release of iOS 16. Since all three devices were released in 2016 or earlier, the fact that they could run iOS 15 was a pleasant surprise.


Apple, as expected, will no longer support these handsets in a future iPhone software upgrade. Unexpectedly, however, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are no longer supported because iOS 16 demands an iPhone 8 or newer. The complete list of compatible and unsupported iOS 16 devices may be seen in our analysis.

As an alternative to reading our written MacBook Air hands-on, my colleague Kate Kozuch provides this visual hands-on that allows you to get up and personal with Apple’s super-thin notebook. This is all there is to know about the MacBook 2022 specifications. Here are Mark Spoonauer’s early thoughts after getting his hands on Apple’s MacBook Air 2022 in Cupertino.

The Mac Book Air 2022.

The first to know? Despite some worries about the price and a convoluted charging configuration, this appears to be a candidate for the title of finest laptop.

WWCD 2022 macbook

To help you get your hands on the MacBook Air 2022, we’ve put together step-by-step instructions on how to preorder.

Other than Apple’s promise that the M2-powered laptop would be available in July, we have no idea when you’ll be able to place your order.
If you awoke this morning expecting CarPlay to be the hot topic of the WWDC keynote, you were definitely mistaken. But that’s what makes live events so special.

Even while the new CarPlay-enabled vehicles won’t be available until late 2023, as my colleague Roland Moore-Colyer points out in his CarPlay overview, the enhanced version transforms Apple’s service from a single-screen experience to something that’s incorporated into the car itself.

Some Worries About the Price.

This year at WWDC, there was a lot more focus on iOS, iPad, and macOS than on the Apple Watch, which may have left you feeling a little left out. WatchOS 9, on the other hand, is a treat for runners. New running measures, including Stride Length, Ground Contact Time, and Vertical Oscillation, will be added to Apple Watches in the fall, according to the company.

Runners will be able to see their heart rate, “time in the zone,” average heart rate, and total workout time all on one screen. Runners can look forward to some new features in watchOS 9 according to our resident fitness editor, Jane McGuire.

When Apple holds a product event or a keynote at WWDC, it usually spills some information regarding new Apple TV Plus programming. Ted Lasso season 3 and the debut date haven’t even been mentioned today.

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Confirmed the Long-Held Idea.

Brett Goldstein has confirmed the long-held idea that the popular Apple TV Plus show’s next season will be it’s final, so there was some Ted Lasso news to report today, as well. So there won’t be a fourth season in which Ted seeks to take over the Harlequins rugby union team. In my opinion, the macOS 13 upgrade was a nice surprise because it was so substantial. Stage Manager appears to be a superior multitasking solution, and it works nicely on the iPad.

If you’re looking for a wide-angle view of your workstation, the iPhone’s webcam capability comes in handy, especially when you can use the ultrawide lens. Even the changes to Continuity and Spotlight appear well thought out. Once we get our hands on the developer beta (which is accessible right now), we’ll be able to judge how well-thought-out this is.

Important Announcements:

Make sure to check out our macOS Ventura overview for an in-depth look at all the new features. So, to summarize our most important announcements: New MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro models will ship next month using the M2 chip. Apps may now be added to the lock screen in iOS 16, as well as a redesigned Messages app and a revamp of the Car Play feature in iOS 16.


Additional sleep monitoring tools improved running stats, and a more detailed history of atrial fibrillation are among watchOS 9’s most notable additions (pending FDA approval).
With a new Stage Manager feature for managing multitasking and the option to turn your iPhone’s camera into a webcam, macOS Ventura is an unusually significant upgrade.
The Stage Manager feature has also been added to iPadOS 16, as well as a new Weather app.

Despite all the announcements, tvOS 16 was not mentioned once. (This implies that any future software updates for the Apple TV will be modest.) Today, OS updates for developers are available in beta form. Next month, the public betas will be available. As soon as fall arrives, the entire upgrade will be made available for everyone to use. Find-and-release, customized toolbars, and more are making the iPad more desktop-like.

Today, OS Updates.

If you use your iPad as a secondary screen for your laptop or desktop, Reference Mode delivers a uniform workflow across Apple. Using virtual memory swap, you can allocate extra RAM to apps on M1-powered iPads. As the Stage Manager is coming to the iPad, there are several multitasking tweaks that can be made. For those of you who haven’t heard of Stage Manager, it’s the new multitasking function that was added to macOS Ventura only recently.

The iPad now has Metal 3 support, which will allow for better gaming. You’ll soon be able to view what your friends are playing in the Activity section of the Game Center. FaceTime’s SharePlay will also have a role in the game. This will be included in a future iPadOS 16 release. Freeform, an iPadOS app, will be available later this year. It appears to be a whiteboard that can be shared and collaborated on by several individuals.

I PAD OS 16.



With a live cursor, you can see exactly where everyone is working on the board at any one time. Documents, photos, videos, audio, and web links will all be supported, as well as online reviews. Is it possible that this will be included in iPadOS 16 or will it be included in a future update? The feature is coming to iOS and macOS as well. We haven’t finished yet! After a long wait, the Weather app for iPad is finally here.

(A weather API will be made available to developers so that they can include weather functionality in their apps.) But that’s hardly the most significant difference. Apple is promoting new features for collaboration. Documents and files can be shared with persons you already know. Using this tool, you’ll be able to track changes made to documents as they happen.

macOS and iOS are reportedly getting features that facilitate group work.
It is now possible to transfer FaceTime calls between devices using the new Continuity features. This is useful if you want to transfer a FaceTime chat from your iPhone to your Mac for a larger view.

Mac Recognizes.

A Continuity Camera allows you to use your iPhone as a webcam to accomplish this goal. After all, the iPhone’s rear-facing cameras are formidable. Wirelessly, your Mac recognizes your iPhone and utilizes it as a camera without requiring you to do anything on your iPhone. There are a few options available for blurring the background, such as Center Stage and Portrait mode.

Using the ultrawide camera, you can get a separate perspective of your desk while the other cameras keep you in the picture. It is compatible with Zoom, Teams, and other video conferencing apps. It is now possible to transfer FaceTime calls between devices using the new Continuity features. This is useful if you want to transfer a FaceTime chat from your iPhone to your Mac for a larger view.


A Continuity Camera allows you to use your iPhone as a webcam to accomplish this goal. After all, the iPhone’s rear-facing cameras are formidable. Wirelessly, your Mac recognizes your iPhone and utilizes it as a camera without requiring you to do anything on your iPhone. There are a few options available for blurring the background, such as Center Stage and Portrait mode.

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The Ultrawide Camera.

Using the ultrawide camera, you can get a separate perspective of your desk while the other cameras keep you in the picture.

WWdc 2022 apple macbook

It is compatible with Zoom, Teams, and other video conferencing apps. The search tool in Mail is undergoing a major revamp for more accurate and thorough results. Mail includes a Reminder feature as well.


Additionally, Safari in macOS Ventura has seen some enhancements as well, though they appear to be mostly performance-related. The Shared Tab Groups feature allows you to share tabs with family members or colleagues with whom you’re collaborating on a project.

Apple is promoting passkeys, which are supposed to replace passwords in the future. You can use FaceID or TouchID to create unique login credentials. In May, Apple gave a hint that this functionality was in the works. macOS Ventura’s Spotlight gets a makeover to make it more device-agnostic. Spotlight can detect photos on your computer and on the internet, and you may use Live Text to search for text in images.

Stage Manager.

iPad and iPhone users will soon be able to perform things directly from Spotlight. Spotlight is now accessible from the bottom of the iPhone’s home screen. Stage Manager is the first feature of macOS Ventura. It’s designed to assist you in concentrating on the app you’re now using. So that the program you’re presently using is front and center, Windows will slide to the side. Using the dock, you can switch between applications by clicking on the apps you choose.

Multiple windows in an app are stacked on top of one other, so you can easily scroll through them by clicking on one. Stage Manager can also be used to pair two or more applications. Apple is still talking about macOS, so we’re not done with the Mac just yet. The aim is on improving the basic functions of Mac OS X while allowing features to be shared between Apple products.

macOS Ventura will be the codename for version 13 of Apple’s operating system. If you’re following along the California coast, that’s south of Monterey. The 13-inch MacBook Pro will also have M2 in the future. Over the previous version of the MacBook Pro, Apple promises a 40% improvement.


24 Gb of Memory.

macbook jpg

20 hours of video playback is reasonable. It will also support up to 24GB of memory, just like the MacBook Air. The price of the MacBook Air has been set at $1,199. It costs $1,299 to purchase a MacBook Pro. Next month, they’ll be back. The M1-based MacBook Air is still available for purchase if you’re looking for a MacBook Air for less than $1,000. A 67W adaptor is required for quick charging in the Air.

Memory and storage capacity can be increased to 2TB. The M2 is mostly responsible for the final of these characteristics, which is the catchphrase of the day. Focus is getting an upgrade, allowing you to customize widgets on your home and lock screens based on the Focus session you select. Apps will be able to tell when you’re in a Focus session, and you’ll be able to customize their behavior depending on that information.

Messages are getting a slew of new features that have been requested by users. You have the ability to go back and fix embarrassing typos in messages you’ve already sent. It is possible to undo the sending of messages and mark message threads as reading.

I Os 15.

In iOS 15, a new feature called Sent with You was introduced, which highlights links, files, and photographs shared in Messages. Developers will now be able to take advantage of this functionality. You may now watch videos in the Messages thread thanks to SharePlay. Notifications will now appear from the bottom of the lock screen. In addition, there are now live notifications aimed at cutting down on the constant stream of notifications for sporting events and other events.

Real-time updates are delivered to the notification window via live notifications. Using it to keep tabs on a game score or the status of an Uber ride is quite convenient. It wouldn’t be unprecedented if Apple did unveil new hardware at WWDC. However, despite its concentration on software, WWDC has hosted numerous notable debuts in the past, including phones, laptops, and desktop computers as well as audio and peripheral items.

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The WWDC Conference.


Tom’s Guide’s computer writer Tony Polanco has prepared a list of every piece of Apple hardware that has ever been unveiled during the WWDC conference.
Is it possible that the MacBook Air 2022 will be a regular feature at WWDC 2022?

There were even reports that the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2022 will be unveiled today. In terms of price, it would fall between the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pros that were released last year.

It’s becoming less probable that’ll happen now. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman writes in his monthly Power On(opens in new tab) newsletter that the new MacBook Pro 2022 was meant to ship today alongside the Air, but that lockdowns in China have interrupted manufacturing preparations. Regardless of how disappointing that would be, it’s still possible that we’ll see this movie later this year.


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