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Software solutions at is a digital platform for gamers to play games and complete tasks that is always online. People of all ages, especially teens and young adults, spend time on gaming and social platforms these days.

Osmo Technology Pvt. Ltd. was started in India with this in mind and the pandemic time zone in mind.

Note: People are looking for the wrong websites when they search for,,, and Because “” is the real name of the portal.

The OSMtechno task just came out on October 30, 2020, and it hasn’t even been online for a full month yet. Soon after it came out, this technology was at the top of Google India’s search results and had a lot of users. Task

The following URL provides access to the OSMtechno website: Even though the website is just a few weeks old, it is pretty intuitive and user-friendly. Task App [soft] Download Pvt. Ltd. Of Osmo Technology

According to real-time players, Osmotech Technology offers hundreds of games and provides 100 percent uptime and an equal quantity of gaming. It also assures consumers have access to in-game items and actual control over their games.

Sign-in and sign-up options for the OSM social and gaming platform are available on the homepage of the website.

In addition to the membership plan, one may also get the pdf from the website. Sports and Task Games offers a variety of games, including sports such as cricket and football. Apart from that, there are a variety of action games that may be played online against many opponents. Users must surf the website and click on the play button located below each of the items in the features list to play any of these games.

Users may enjoy realistic, 2D, 3D, and even cartoon-inspired animation experiences thanks to the games and sports created by The portal also includes a list of numerous social media connections, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, as you scroll down the page.

OSMtechno has officially launched several games, including

  1. Ludo Champ 2020
  2. Asteroid attack
  3. Space Shooter
  4. Ludo Skill
  5. Pikflick
  6. Poutshout

You must also install all of these applications and complete the activities to earn money from Task App [soft] Download Pvt. Ltd. Of Osmo Technology

Software Solution by Osmtechno claims to be a welcoming place for all gamers, whether they grew up in the 90s or today. In addition to sports, action, and animated games, it has old-school games like Ludo, snake, ladder, and others that the whole family can play together. has a section called “Get in Touch” where users can sign up for the latest web updates by filling in simple information like their name, email address, and mobile phone number.

Even though looks nice and is easy to use, it is still on the list of sites that look suspicious. Since it’s new to the game, it’s not clear yet if it’s a real platform or if it’s just a scam.

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