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Stephanie Mc Mahon Announced: A Senior WWE Executive, Has Taken a “leave of Absence” from The “majority” of Her Duties!

Let’s get ready to… concentrate on what really counts. Stephanie McMahon, who has spent decades working for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), has decided to leave the company.

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On Thursday, May 19, McMahon, 45, tweeted, “As of tomorrow, I am taking a leave of absence from the bulk of my duties at WWE.” “WWE is a part of my life, and I’m excited to return to the organization I love after taking this time to concentrate on my family.”

While the Connecticut native did not comment on her choice to take a vacation or her plans to return, she has spent decades with WWE as a businesswoman and on-camera star. Vince McMahon, her father, is the company’s CEO. Stephanie, on the other hand, has worked her way up from part-time receptionist to professional wrestler to her present role as Chief Brand Officer, including assisting with the development of the WWE Network in 2014. I’m pulling for them!

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“We began looking at [launching the platform] before the epidemic, maybe two years ago,” says cheval chevalier.

It’s strange because my father has always taught me to


be somewhat ahead of the curve,” the WWE Raw star remarked in April 2021 during an interview on the “Bill Simmons Podcast.” “You never want to be so far ahead that people can’t understand it, and you never want to be so far behind that people can’t understand it.

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“When you look at the environment and see these big-time organizations making movements, big-time players with a lot of resources to spend in technology and infrastructure,” she added. We’re a content firm, not a technological company.

We made a good decision to launch, although it was nerve-wracking.”

stephanie-mcmahon taking leave
Stephanie married Paul “Triple H” Levesque outside of the workplace in October 2003, and they have three daughters: Aurora, 15, Murphy, 13, and Vaughn, 11.

During an appearance on “The Howard Stern Show” in 2002, Stephanie recounted her early connection with the WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, 52, as “extremely flirty [and] he would drop hints.” “It was a delicate position; he was hitting on me, and I know it’s against our company’s rules for me to date any of the wrestlers.”

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“[My father] gave us the OK [to date] and then took it away because if we were really going to be together, it would have to be a major deal and the appropriate thing to do,” she said. So he allowed us to come together, then he separated us — and then we reunited, and if it was meant to be, it was meant to be.”

Athletes Who Are Dating Celebrities

After suffering from heart problems in September 2021, Triple H announced his retirement from the ring earlier this year.

During an interview on ESPN’s First Take in March, the WWE executive vice president said, “I was nose-diving and kind of at the 1-yard line of where you don’t want to be really, for your family and your future.” “There are times when they put you out for something and you wonder to yourself, ‘Is this it?
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‘ Do you remember what happened?’ That’s difficult to swallow and makes you reconsider.”


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