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Who Is Victoria Groce: Being a “Casey” On “The Chase” Is a High Point in Your Career!

The loss of The Beast, Mark Labbett, as a Chaser on The Chase was heartbreaking for the show’s audience. His brains and body combined to make him an unstoppable force. In addition, he was a true veteran, having started working on the British version of the game in 2009.

Even though the Australian show has been canceled, there are new chasers in the United States. When it comes to excellent nicknames, they don’t disappoint. We’re curious to know who Victoria Groce, or “The Queen,” is on The Chase. Can she be overthrown?

On ‘The Chase,’ Who Is “The Queen” Victoria Groce?

Who Is Victoria Groce: Being a "Casey" On "the Chase" Is a High Point in Your Career!

Victoria Groce Is No Stranger to The Small Screen, Having Previously Been on The Chase as A Contestant. She Defeated David Madd, a 19-Day Jeopardy! Champion, in September 2005.

“the Georgia Musician [victoria] Blocked Madden’s Mission to Achieve the 20-Something Club, Owing to Her Meticulous Final Jeopardy! Gamble in The Ranks & Titles Area,” According to Vulture.

It’s Unfortunate that Victoria only Survived One Game and Earned $23,801, but She Surely Made an Impression! in A Promotional Video for The Chase, Victoria Shared Some Interesting Tidbits About Her Personal Life.

Victoria Corleone Joked, “I’m Named After Vito Corleone. Marlon Brando’s Portrayal of Vito Corleone as “the Godfather” Is Legendary. Her Father Apparently Wanted to Call Her Vito Anne, but Her Mother Objected.

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Victoria Shared Some Interesting Tidbits About Her Personal Life.

Who Is Victoria Groce: Being a "Casey" On "the Chase" Is a High Point in Your Career!

Those Who Know Victoria Groce Know She Is a True Nerd! Victoria Gave Us a Tour of Her Fascinating Past During an Interview with Geeks Who Drink. “I Did Everything My Schools Offered when I Was a Youngster,” She Told the Magazine, “essentially Everything.

” in Addition to Participating in Academic Bowl, I Also Played on A Serious High School Team Before Continuing My Athletic Career in College. Victoria Took a Break After Her Appearance on Jeopardy! After the Birth of Her Kid, She Worked Full-Time While Also Returning to School, Which Clearly Took up A Lot of Her Time.

Finally, She “received an Invitation to Learned League and Started Getting Back Into Some Informal Online Activity” About 2014 or 2015. Victoria Has Now Been Reunited with The Rest of Her Geek Bowl Squad.

So, How Does One Get Enamored with Trivia? Victoria’s Competitiveness Stemmed from Her Family. Trivial Pursuit, Geography Games, and Other Educational Materials Were Commonplace at Home, Victoria Said. “when I Was Younger, I Was Used to Winning Things Like buzzer quizzes, math competitions, and things like that because I had skipped a few classes.”

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