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Who Is Stephen Breyer: Ketanji Brown Jackson Will Succeed Stephen Breyer, Who Will Step Down on Thursday!

After the court releases its final two decisions of its current term, Justice Stephen Breyer informed President Joe Biden that he will officially retire at noon on Thursday.
To Biden’s relief, Justice Breyer wrote a letter announcing his intention to step down from his post when his term ends in January, as previously stated.

Ketanji Brown Jackson, a U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit judge, will take his place. Six days after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, which established a constitutional right to abortion, Breyer will step down from the bench.

Who Is Stephen Breyer?

Who Is Stephen Breyer: Ketanji Brown Jackson Will Succeed Stephen Breyer, Who Will Step Down on Thursday!

He Is Currently an Associate Judge of The Supreme Court of The United States, a Position He Assumed in 1994. Stephen Gerald Breyer (august 15, 1938) Is a Former American Lawyer and Jurist. when Harry Blackmun Stepped Down as A Supreme Court Justice, President Clinton Nominated Him to Succeed Him. President Joe Biden Has Named Ketanji Brown Jackson as His Replacement. Breyer Is Widely Regarded as A Member of The Court’s Liberal Wing.

Breyer Went on To Harvard Law School After Completing His Undergraduate Studies at Stanford University and Earning a Marshall Scholarship to Visit the University of Oxford. From 1967 Through 1980, Breyer Served as A Law Professor and Lecturer at Harvard Law School, Following a Clerkship with Associate Justice Arthur Goldberg in 1964–65. In Administrative Law, His Expertise Led Him to Write Textbooks that Are Still Used Today. on The Watergate Special Prosecution Force and The United States Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust, He Served as A Senior Assistant Special Prosecutor Before Being Nominated for Supreme Court Appointment in 1973.

The Issuance of The Court’s Final.

Who Is Stephen Breyer: Ketanji Brown Jackson Will Succeed Stephen Breyer, Who Will Step Down on Thursday!

Immediately Following the Issuance of The Court’s Final Two Decisions for The Current Term, Stephen Breyer Informed President Joe Biden that He Will Officially Retire at Noon on Thursday and Help Swear in His Replacement, Ketanji Brown Jackson. After Being Nominated by President Clinton in 1994, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Has Been on The Court Ever Since. Jackson Is Projected to Vote More Liberally than The Court’s Six Conservatives, Elena Kagan, and Sonia Sotomayor.

Six Days Before Breyer’s Departure, the Supreme Court Will Reverse Its 1973 Judgment in Roe v. Wade, Which Established a Nationwide Right to Abortion, in A Landmark Judgement. With Two Other Liberal Judges on The Court, He Delivered a Blistering Critique of Friday’s Ruling that Provides Individual States Vast Latitude to Outright Ban Abortion, Severely Limit the Number of Pregnancies that Can Be Ended, or Make It Lawful. 83-Year-Old Justice Stephen Breyer Announced in January that He Would Step Down from The Bench at The End of The Current Term. the Court only Announced on Wednesday Morning that Opinions Will No Longer Be Released After Thursday.

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The Court’s Press Office on Wednesday.

Who Is Stephen Breyer: Ketanji Brown Jackson Will Succeed Stephen Breyer, Who Will Step Down on Thursday!

Jackson, 51, a U.S. Court of Appeals for The District of Columbia Circuit Judge, Will Take His Seat Immediately. in April, the Senate Confirmed Her Appointment to The Supreme Court, Making Her the First Black Woman to Hold that Position on The High Court. At Noon on Thursday, Jackson Will Be Sworn in As the Supreme Court’s 104th Associate Justice, According to The Court’s Press Office on Wednesday. A Small Gathering of Judge Jackson’s Family Will Witness Roberts Administers the Constitutional Oath and Breyer Administer the Judicial Oath During the Event at The Court, According to The Press Office.

“it Has Been My Great Joy to Assist as A Judge in The Battle to Safeguard Our Constitution and The Rule of Law,” Breyer Wrote to Biden in A Letter Dated Wednesday. Additionally, Breyer Penned an Opinion Piece Last Week in Support of The Court’s Six-Judge Supermajority, Which Threw Down New York’s “proper Cause” Requirement for Gun Permits, Arguing It Violated the Second Amendment’s Prohibition on Unreasonable Searches and Seizures.

According to Breyer, Several States Have Attempted to Limit the Purchase, Possession, and Use of Various Types of Firearms by Enacting Laws that Restrict who can acquire, carry, or use them in a variety of ways. To put it another way, “the Court currently stifles States’ efforts.”

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