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The Mother-Daughter Election Workers Targeted by Trump Claim There Is ‘no Place’ They Feel Safe!

At the Jan. 6 hearing, a mother-daughter team of Georgia election workers revealed how a disproved conspiracy theory about their activities on Election Day 2020 led to a mob of Trump fans going after them online and in person.

Their lives will never be the same, Ruby Freeman and her daughter Wandrea “Shaye” Moss, said during Tuesday’s hearing, according to a statement from the two women.

What Are the Targets of Conspiracy Theories?

The Mother-Daughter Election Workers Targeted by Trump Claim There Is 'no Place' They Feel Safe!

The only place I feel safe is here.” Nothing,” Freeman, whose daughter and she were the targets of conspiracy theories in the weeks following the 2020 election, claimed in audio testimony. “Nowhere.” Tuesday’s session ended with playback of her never-before-seen interview, which she saw while sitting next to her daughter in the committee chamber.

How does it feel to be singled out by the president of the United States? Every American is meant to be represented by the president of the United States. To not target one,” Freeman advised. “He had my back.” In the midst of an epidemic, a proud American citizen stepped up to help Fulton County conduct an election.” She recalled the moment she realized she’d been receiving a barrage of “racist” and “hateful” threats via Facebook Messenger in her testimony, which she gave in person on the same day.

Who Is the Iconic Figure Littered Besides?

The Mother-Daughter Election Workers Targeted That iconic figure was littered with “terrible things” when Moss visited it, the basketball player added. It was a lot of death threats, informing me that I’d be in jail with my mother, and sayings such as, “Thank goodness the year is 2020 and not 1920.” At this point, I’ve put on 60 pounds. I’ve decided to stop doing anything at all. I have no desire to leave the house. Everything I accomplish is tainted by doubt. It has had a huge impact on my life. Everything. It’s all due to lies. I’ve been doing the same thing for as long as I can remember.

In the aftermath of Rudy Giuliani’s use of video footage showing Moss and her mother working during the election count to discredit the results, they were constantly hounded and harassed. As they demonstrated in court on Tuesday, Trump’s lies about the 2020 election and the mob he incited had actual, immediate, and terrifying consequences for ordinary election workers.

Who Illegally Claimed the Footage?

Mother-daughter election workers targeted by Trump

Camera footage depicting a “suitcase” containing illegal ballots was wrongly interpreted by users of 4chan and Twitter, who zoomed in on the footage. It was actually a carton of ballots that was labeled as a “suitcase”. Confusion theorists like 8chan’s Ron Watkins and the blog Gateway Pundit, who wrongly claimed the footage served as evidence of a stolen election, recognized Freeman and Moss in the film.

In the days leading up to January 6, 2021, Trump continued to promote these conspiracies. When it came time to count the votes in Fulton County, Georgia, Giuliani falsely claimed that Moss and her mother were handing USB drives around “like vials of heroin or cocaine.” On Tuesday, when Moss was asked what her mother had given her in the video, she responded she had received a “ginger mint.”

The Harassment She’s Encountered.

The Mother-Daughter Election Workers Targeted by Trump ClaimFollowing her emotional speech, Freeman went on camera to describe how the harassment she endured from Trump fans had permanently altered her life. According to Freeman, “I have lost my identity and my reputation,” he remarked in the video. A group of people, starting with number 45 and his ally Rudy Giuliani, plotted to scapegoat me and my daughter.”

She has declared she will no longer wear the “Lady Ruby” blouse she wore on Election Day 2020 because of threats, intimidation, and harassment she has encountered. She also said she will no longer introduce herself by her name and even becomes nervous while shopping. In the supermarket, she added, “I get uneasy when I bump into someone who knows my name.

The FBI Had been Informed.

Officials with the FBI had informed Freeman that the days leading up to January 6, 2021, would be dangerous, and therefore she couldn’t dwell in her house for two months. As a result, I was gone from my family for around two months.” It was very awful. She says in the video, “I felt like a stranger.” This monster has done so much harm to my family and me that we have no choice but to flee our house.

” My neighbors are aware of the fact that I’ve been living there for 21 years, and they have to keep an eye on me. So, as you know, I’m going away to stay with a family member or friend.
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It was a struggle. “It was a complete waste of time and effort.” The conspiracy theories have wreaked havoc on Moss’s life, she claims.

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What Is the Result?

The Mother-Daughter Election Workers Targeted by Trump Claim There Is 'no Place' They Feel SafeShe said how it had “turned my life upside down.” “I’ve stopped handing out my business card to strangers. I don’t use call forwarding. Anyone who knows my name is a threat to my safety. To avoid the possibility of my mother yelling my name over the supermarket aisle, I avoid going out with her. I never go to the supermarket. In fact, I haven’t gone anywhere at all.

I ballooned to a size 16 and put on about 40 pounds. I’ve simply stopped doing anything.” In response to Moss and Freeman’s testimony, California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff summarized the shocking effects of Trump’s lies with a rhetorical question. “Who among us is secure,” he added, “if the world’s most powerful person can bring the full weight of the president down on an average citizen who is only doing her job.”


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