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What Is Brice Cromwell: Blame Biden for High Gas Prices, Says Bp Oil Executive Brice Cromwell!

Brice Cromwell, an executive with the oil corporation BP, was extensively disseminated on social media in June 2022 as gas prices increased to a record high national average of $4.87.

In Part, the Viral Post Read:

An Executive from Bp Oil Has Written This Piece.

It’s All Explained in This One Sentence:

the president wih Bp eecutives

I’ve Worked in The Oil and Gas Industry for More than A Decade, and I Sometimes Forget that Most People Don’t Know What I See Every Day. Oil and Gas Are Plentiful in The United States, Allowing Us to Meet Domestic Demand as Well as Export Our Products for Decades.
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We Can All Agree that The Current Petrol Prices Are Disturbing, Regardless of Our Political Views. Everyone Must Realize that The High Gas Costs Are Not a Result of A Conflict in Another Country; They Have Been High for Some Time. Prices Are Low Due to A Lack of American Supply.

Because Our Country’s Leaders Have Decided to Import Oil from Another Country Instead of Using Domestically Produced Oil, the Prices Have Risen.

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Using American-Made Products Lowers Prices, Generates Well-Paying Employment for Hardworking Americans, and Makes the United States Energy Independent. We All Saw It a Few Months Ago.

People in Power Have Not only Opted to Eliminate American Jobs and Raise Costs, but They Have Also Implemented Legislation that Makes It More Difficult for An American Oil and Gas Company to Manufacture and Ship Our Own Commodity.

Why Gas Costs Were Low?

In the Past, when Gas Costs Were Low and Our Economy Was Booming, It Didn’t Really Matter Who Was in The White House. Once Your Animosity Toward Djt Is Put Aside, You’ll Realize how Much You’ve Missed and Relished Those Times. Your Retirement Savings Were Better Off, Gas Prices Were Lower, and The Economy as A Whole Was Growing.

The Current Administration Is “not for The People” After a Year, and You’ll Soon Recognize It. They’re All About Themselves and Their International Business Ventures. You Should Be Able to Tell by Looking at The Skyrocketing Petrol Prices.

Bp Oil Executive.

joe biden high the price of gas

Brice Cromwell, a Bp Oil Executive, Was Not the Author of This Piece. as Far as We Know, Bp’s Leadership Team Does Not Contain Anyone by This Name and This Individual Does Not Exist. “We Can Confirm We Do Not Currently Have an Employee with That Name and This Text Did Not Come from Bp,” a Spokeswoman for Bp Wrote in An Email.

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What Is the Origin of This Piece of Writing?

It Is Typical for Political Propagandists to Attach an Authority Figure (in This Example a “bp Oil Executive” Named “Brice Cromwell”) to A Piece of Literature so That It Appears to Be Credible. Misattributed Facebook Posts and Doctored Photographs of T-Shirts with Political Slogans Are Two Examples of This Deceitful Approach that Is Commonly Used.
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In March 2022, Anti-Biden Facebook Groups Like “stop Joe Biden” Shared the “Brice Cromwell” Commentary. at The Time, There Was No Way to Attribute the Post to Anyone in Particular. “perfectly Said” and The Assertion that It Was Written by A Person Who Had “worked in Oil and Gas for A Decade” Were All that Was Needed to Get the Ball Rolling. Brice Cromwell, a Former Bp Oil Executive, Wrote the Post that Was Republished in June 2022, Along with The Assertion that It Was Written by Him.

Did Not Blame Biden.

A-List of Bp’s Top Executives May Is Found on The Company’s Official Website.

gas oil prices

Cromwell Isn’t on This List of Notable Figures. Bernard Looney, the Ceo of Bp, Did Not Blame Biden (or Any Politician) for High Gas Prices. the Sanctions Implemented on Russia After Its Invasion of Ukraine Withdrew Russian Crude from The System and Led Prices to Soar, According to Looney in May 2022, when He spoke to The News Agency Reuters.

One Million Barrels of Russian Crude Are Being Exported Every Day… This Month, when Existing Sanctions Are Put Into Place, We Expect that Number to Double. These Prices Aren’t Going Anywhere Any Time Soon, I Believe.” With the End of The Covid-19 Pandemic’s Lockdowns, Gas Prices Have Risen as A Result of The Increased Demand (and Hence the Increased Cost). This Is What the Washington Post Says:

The Petrol Pump Is Currently the Site of An Unique Convergence of Economic and Geopolitical Forces. Fuel Demand Increased as The Economy Recovered Quickly from The Pandemic, Leading To higher costs. Russia, which produces more oil than all but two other countries combined, suffered a global reaction after its incursion into Ukraine. As a result, prices rose once more.


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