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Walgreens and the State of West Virginia Have Reached a $83 Million Settlement Over the State’s Opioid Epidemic.

On Wednesday, West Virginia announced that it had reached a $83 million settlement with Walgreens to end a lawsuit alleging that the pharmacy company had contributed to the state’s ongoing opioid crisis.

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey (R) of the state announced that Walgreens had agreed to pay the compensation within eight years.
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All settlements involving opioids will be dispersed in accordance with a plan negotiated with state and municipal governments to combat the epidemic.

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Morrisey declared in a statement, “We will continue to seek out justice for those affected most by the opioid epidemic that slammed our state the hardest.”

We know that this settlement, like others, won’t bring back the lives lost to the opioid menace, but we hope that it will aid those in West Virginia who need it the most.

An overstock of opioids in the state was allegedly caused by the pharmacy chain’s failure to maintain sufficient safeguards against diversion, which has now been settled.

It’s important to note that the litigation involving Walgreens also includes Kroger, Walmart, CVS, and Rite Aid. Both Walmart and CVS reached settlements with the state in September, totaling 7 million, while Rite Aid reached a settlement in August, potentially saving the company million.
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As the last remaining defendant, Kroger will stand trial in June.

Morrisey claims that Kroger did not inform the DEA and the West Virginia Board of Pharmacy about any unusual requests for prescription drugs.


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