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HomenewsThe Pursuit-crash That Killed a 26-year-old New Jersey Driver in Maryland Can...

The Pursuit-crash That Killed a 26-year-old New Jersey Driver in Maryland Can Be Seen in This Video.

The terrifying high-speed police pursuit and crash that killed a 26-year-old New Jersey woman on Interstate 95 in Maryland has been further documented in new details and video.
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Authorities previously reported that on Saturday, December 31 in Cecil County, I-95 fatally wounded 26-year-old New Jersey resident Julie Clark as she attempted to evade Maryland State Police troopers.

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When Julie Clark’s car hit a tree next to an exit ramp on Interstate 95 in Maryland, she was murdered.

Attorney General of Maryland

While being pursued by Maryland State Police Trooper First Class Curtis Manuel, Clark drove recklessly across both lanes of traffic and down the shoulder of the motorway, as shown in the dramatic dashcam video (see above) released on Wednesday, January 18 by the Attorney General’s Office.

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Clark first drove at or near the posted speed limit, but after being pursued a while, she stepped on it, put the pedal to the metal, and maintained speeds in excess of 100 mph for several minutes as Manuel stayed close behind.

Nearly nine miles into the chase along I-95, Clark lost control while trying to leave the highway, wrapping her car around a tree and causing an engine fire to bring an end to the pursuit.
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The engine fire is being put out by the troopers.

Attorney General of Maryland

“It’s the automobile, and she’s inside. I have been unable to contact her “Manual was using a fire extinguisher and could be heard yelling as he put out the fire.

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Officers are attempting to put out the engine fire.

Attorney General of Maryland

Once the blaze was put out, Clark was pronounced dead at the site. It’s still not known what prompted her reckless driving and subsequent flight from state police.

The collision just involved the two cars.


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