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HomenewsIncredible, Yet Another New Jersey Fraud to Watch Out for

Incredible, Yet Another New Jersey Fraud to Watch Out for

This post serves more as a warning or an alert. The possibility exists that it could happen here in New Jersey, as it has elsewhere.

How often do you get scammed? This is not a pleasurable activity.

I was once put on a list for “energy-efficient heating” at our home, and as a result, our electric bill shot up by the hundreds.

No one at our energy provider could tell us how we ended up signing up with them, and they weren’t even sure how our information got into the hands of this mysterious third party.

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We were informed by our electricity provider at the time that certain firms randomly enroll residential addresses in their energy initiatives.

We managed to clean up the mess.

The most recent con I’ve heard of might not drive up your electricity bill by hundreds of dollars, but it might still be a major hassle.
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And a prominent department store is reportedly involved.

What’s the Latest Con That Garden State Locals Need to Watch Out for?

It’s more of a cautionary story, but Yahoo reports that a shopper in Texas used Walmart’s self-checkout and found something odd on her receipt.

There was a debit load fee and a .
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95 “Visa” fee.

The client questioned the person at the service desk about the unexpected fees and was given an explanation.

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Customers are reportedly using self-checkout lanes to scan a $20 gift card or prepaid debit card and then leaving the store without paying.

The next shopper using the self-service checkout is expected to scan their purchases, pay the machine the total amount displayed on the screen, and leave.

New Jersey Scams and How to Avoid Them

The simplest solution is to start the self-checkout process from a new screen and make sure no orders have been started.

It’s second best to double-check your cart contents against your receipt before leaving the store.

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If you’re not sure what to do, just go through the “old-fashioned” checkout lanes where an employee will help you out.


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