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A Significant Increase in the Number of Pistols Seized at Airports in New York and New Jersey

A significant increase from last year saw over 40 firearms being seized at airport security checkpoints in New York and New Jersey this year.

The TSA’s Lisa Farbstein argues that passengers can bring firearms onto planes in a secure and legal manner, but that more and more passengers are breaking the rules.

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Farbstein said that bringing the item to a security checkpoint was the incorrect move. “No one should be allowed to carry a firearm on board.”

On January 17, 2019, someone attempted to smuggle an automatic airsoft gun onboard a flight at John F. Kennedy International Airport, and this is just one example of a rise in the number of people trying to get guns through TSA inspections, according to Farbstein.
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In 2022, eleven firearms were taken into custody at LaGuardia Airport, nearly tripling the total from the previous year’s total of four. The number of firearms seized increased marginally at Newark Airport and decreased marginally at JFK Airport.
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Compare these statistics to the 448 firearms seized in Atlanta, a city with comparatively lax gun restrictions in 2022, and you’ll see how little this figure really is.

Throughout the United States, TSA officers confiscated more than 6,500 firearms in a single year.

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“That’s a record,” declared Farbstein. In a single year, that is the number of firearms ever confiscated. We don’t intend to break that record. The other direction would be preferred by us.

To be fair, Farbstein did confirm that the vast majority of the guns were lawfully held.

Airline regulations allow firearms to be carried in checked luggage.


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