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HomenewsThe Wealthiest Counties in the United States Include Three in New Jersey.

The Wealthiest Counties in the United States Include Three in New Jersey.

We know a few things about New Jersey for sure. Constant congestion, steep tax rates, and plenty of resources for those who know where to look.
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The majority of Garden State residents may be scraping by, but there are other communities that have so much wealth they don’t know what to do with it.

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The Garden State is home to three of the top 15 wealthiest counties in the entire United States of America. That means 20% of the top 15 richest counties in the country are here in New Jersey.
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None of the counties in our state reach the top 10 in the list, according to US News, but yet, New Jersey is well-represented in this collection of rich counties. The top-earning counties in New Jersey in 2022 are provided below.

County of Somerset

It comes in at #15 on the list with a typical household income of $121,695 and is among the healthiest cities in America.

Hunterdon County

This county sits at #14 on the list, and the typical family income there is $123,373 and also scores high on the “Healthiest Community” list.

County of Morris

The county with the highest median household income in New Jersey comes in at number 12, with a whopping $123,727.

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Loudon County, Virginia, tops the list as the wealthiest county in the United States. We’ll need a pay increase or bonus to compete with their typical household income of $156,821 if we wish to crack the top 10 in New Jersey.


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