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HomenewsA New Jersey Eyewitness Testifies a Spinning Cone-shaped Object in the Sky

A New Jersey Eyewitness Testifies a Spinning Cone-shaped Object in the Sky

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, a Mount Holly witness saw a bright, rotating, cone-shaped object around 2:17 p.m. on November 26, 2022. (NUFORC).

The witness saw the item while traveling up the bypass.

The witness reported seeing a metallic, almost glassy cone-shaped object. It was erect, vertical, and whirling with the sun beaming on it, which caught my attention.
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A work van’s windscreen showed the sun to the witness’s right. The thing shined brightly as it whirled.

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“It just lasted around three seconds but was quite well defined and certainly not a plane or any other ordinary item like a drone.”

The witness reported the item rotated and faded away in a weird way, almost as if it were hidden behind a blue sky. The object was cloudless.

The witness stopped in the McDonald’s parking lot to search for this thing and film in case it returned.

“Considering I was working, I only had so much time to sit and wait, so I stayed put for roughly five minutes, returned to my work van, and noted the time, location, and any other necessary details.”

The report, filed on November 26, 2022, and publicized on December 22, 2022, featured two photos. The witness searched for the object after the incident.

Burlington County’s county seat, Mount Holly, has 9,981 residents.

Edits clarified witness quotes. Please report UFO activity to NUFORC or MUFON (MUFON).

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The MUFON January newsletter reported 19 UFO sightings in New Jersey in December 2022, ranking sixth in the nation. California led with 51 cases.

December 2022 saw three national cone cases.

Historic Nj

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, a New Brunswick witness saw four disc-shaped objects 500 to 700 feet overhead maneuvering at 4 p.m. on June 30, 1956. (NUFORC).

On this lovely day, their home phone rang late afternoon or early evening when the witness was eight years old. The witness’s father’s buddy called and instructed them to get to their building’s roof because UFOs were flying around. Estimated date.

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“My father and I rushed upstairs to the roof of the building, and facing downtown New Brunswick, we could see quite clearly about four flying saucers,” the witness said. “They were probably 500 to 700 feet above and plainly playing, or in aviation circles, dogfighting.”

The witness added the objects appeared to be racing each other and darting in hard, straight angles and other tight angles that our planes could not perform.

“They stayed within an imaginary box.”

A telescope-wielding father’s friend arrived in five minutes. He set it up fast and everyone took turns looking through the scope.

“Just seeing them was amazing, but seeing them through a telescope, really up close and personal, was truly something else.”

The witness characterized the objects as silver-colored but not shiny like the bright side of aluminum foil, more like the reverse side, like brushed metal but lighter.

“In bright sunshine, the metal exhibited a bluish hue reflecting sunlight.

Traditional cup and saucer forms. Two inverted plates with a cup on top.
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Four objects were identical. The witness could only watch one object.

“I could only capture a portion of a ship.”

The witness saw colors. The object’s inverted saucer’s clear red tint began at the top and steadily moved toward the ship’s bottom.

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“As the red reached the bottom, then the color green would start at the top and make its way down, also translucent in texture, with the red hue starting back up at the top.”


The items vanished on cue.

“They were gone in two-to-three seconds.”

The witness recalls the event lasting 10 minutes. The New Brunswick newspaper The Home News featured the artifacts on the front page the following day.

The April 3, 2008 report had no photographs. Middlesex County’s county seat, New Brunswick, has 55,266 residents. Edits clarified witness quotes.


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