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A Recent Study Confirmed That Taking an Uber in New Jersey is a Cost-effective Mode of Transportation.

We can all agree that the cost of living in Jersey is high. We want to hear something new.

Here’s some information the typical Jerseyan probably doesn’t know. Did you know that in Garden State, calling an Uber is cheaper than drinking and driving?

In light of the probable risk to your life, you could be thinking, “duh, Jahna.

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If that’s the case, I say continue down that path. Drunk driving is extremely dangerous and could result in death. The fact that it can also endanger the lives of others makes it even worse.

That is not, however, the argument I wish to convey.
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A recent survey by Assurance compared the price of an Uber ride to the financial penalties associated with a DUI conviction (or worse).

Jersey’s legal bills are not inexpensive, so be prepared. Not even ticket prices, judicial costs, or, God forbid burial costs.

If you can believe it, New Jersey has the largest disparity in cost between an Uber ride and the fines and penalties associated with a DUI arrest in the whole United States. That in itself is a pretty crazy number, no?

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In Garden State, an Uber or Lyft ride might cost you up to $17. Do you want to know how much getting a DUI in Jersey would set you back financially?

Close to $34,000! Using rideshare and playing it safe is cheaper by almost $33,000 than jeopardizing your life and the lives of others by driving drunk.


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