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Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow Breakup? Officially Confirmed Their Breakup on Instagram!

It was reported on September 20 that Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland had dinner together at L.A.’s Greenleaf Kitchen and Cocktails, only days after announcing their breakup.

Both the realtor and the Pitch Perfect star were spotted out and about the next day, having coffee together after what appeared to be a casual dinner the night before. After announcing their divorce in 2019, Brittany and Tyler have been seen together on two separate occasions.

Who Does Tyler Stanaland Date Someone?

Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow Breakup

After announcing his separation, Tyler has been comforting himself with time spent with Alex Hall and Polly Brindle, his co-stars and coworkers at the Oppenheim Group. The agent was seen out in Corona del Mar on September 14—the same day he announced his departure (more on that below)—enjoying dinner and drinks with friends.

Photos obtained by TMZ show Tyler and Alex visiting a local sushi restaurant. The Orange County resident allegedly appeared to be “flirtatious” toward Alex, according to a witness’s later account, as reported by E! News. According to this witness, “she was jumping all over him, like attempting to lift him up.” They were quite passionate with one another in the open air.

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Announcing Their Split on Instagram

Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow Breakup

As another source put it, it was Polly who was physically affectionate toward Tyler.
“There was Polly, seated next to Tyler, and she was all over him too. They were sitting very close to one another, arms slung over the backs of their chairs, and clearly quite affectionate with one another “Someone close to the group confirmed the event to E! News. On the outside, Tyler and Alex were kissing passionately, while inside, Tyler and Polly were teasing one another.

It’s worth noting that neither Alex nor Polly have given any indication that they and Tyler are romantically involved, and that Tyler has not commented directly on the conjecture about his relationships with his co-stars. In September of 2022, the ‘Selling the OC’ star and his wife Brittany Snow made public their decision to divorce. After more than two years of marriage, Tyler and Brittany declared their split on the same day he was caught out with his agency coworkers. The pair both posted identical comments on their Instagram accounts announcing their split.

What Is Their Decision?

“Britt and I have made the tough decision to end our relationship. It was with a lot of care and consideration for one another that we came to this conclusion. We’ve come to appreciate the value of pausing to make sure we’re each making the most of our life “According to Tyler’s declaration. “Charlie, our dog, and I have been best friends from the beginning of our adventure, and maintaining that bond will be one of our top priorities. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated, and we ask for your respect and discretion as we begin this next phase.”

Fans saw Cardona admit fault and apologize to Stanaland this season, and the ex-surfer claimed on the podcast that he and Snow still had a “really solid” relationship in spite of everything that had happened. A source informed Us Weekly, however, that the two “had issues” prior to breaking up.
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The source told Us, “[It] wasn’t a complete surprise.” “[Tyler’s co-stars] knew there were problems, but they don’t know the whole story.”

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Their Breakup Is Confirmed Now?

Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow Breakup

Stanaland’s breakup made news just hours before he was seen having dinner with his ex-new girlfriend’s boyfriend, Hall, at SOTA in Corona Del Mar, California. On Saturday, September 17, Snow attended 90210 alum Jessica Stroup‘s wedding in Morocco with her friends. An insider told People that distance had stressed Brittany and Tyler’s marriage, but that Tyler’s participation in Selling the OC was “the final straw.” Neither Brittany nor Tyler have spoken about the reasons for their split.

“Tyler insisted on appearing on the show despite Brittany’s repeated protests. So that he could establish his reputation according to his own standards, “I heard it from a reliable source, the media reported.
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According to another source, the two would probably never get back together. “They have ended completely.

The female cast members of the show are completely smitten with him “the supplementing of a second source. He’s making an effort to be respectful, but it’s having a devastating effect on his marriage. Netflix has not yet confirmed the renewal of Selling the OC for a second season, but if the real estate series does return, there will be plenty of material for discussion among the agents at The O Group. Selling the OC Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.


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