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HomenewsTruthfully Shocking Information Regarding New Jersey Credit Scores

Truthfully Shocking Information Regarding New Jersey Credit Scores

There is no denying the fact that the current financial climate is difficult for everyone; nevertheless, how does the state of the economy influence one’s credit score in Garden State?
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Not only do we discover that we are charging more things to our credit cards, which is usually done out of need, but we also must not forget that the holiday season is just around the corner.

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In particular, all of this might have a significant influence on the credit ratings of those of us living in the Garden State. Have you ever wondered how the credit ratings of the state of New Jersey stack up against those of the other states in the country?

The wonderful people that work at WalletHub undoubtedly pondered this question, and they are experts in the art of performing calculations of this nature. It’s possible that their findings will completely shock you.

Just when you thought the credit score for New Jersey may fall to the bottom of the list, the research suggests that we’re really not that bad here in Garden State at all.

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The typical credit score in the state of New Jersey is high enough to put Garden State among the top 20.

That’s right, despite all of the things that are working against us financially here in Garden State, our credit score still ranks among the top 20 in the entirety of the country.

To be more exact, the average credit score in the state of New Jersey is a very respectable 705, which places the state firmly at position #20 on the list.

Therefore, we believe that congratulations are in due for all of the people who call the Garden State home for having seemingly weathered the never-ending financial storm that the state of New Jersey throws at us.
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