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Tom Faulkner, the Silent Witness: Who Is He? On Her Computer Screen, Her Face Appeared!

The 25th anniversary season of Silent Witness premiered on Monday night, bringing Amanda Burton’s legendary Sam Ryan back to our screens.
After the assassination of health secretary Alice Reynolds, Sam joins Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) in the lab in the first episode, which is the first half of a two-part series titled History.
Alice was killed at a press conference conducted by UNITAS, a firm formed by Sam and in charge of a global organ donation program. However, the partnership provided the corporation with a “data goldmine,” giving it access to personal healthcare data, which drew the ire of large tech rivals eager to get their hands on the information.

The Fingerprints of Tom Faulkner.

The fingerprints of Tom Faulkner (Matthew Gravelle) were discovered on the murder weapon at the conclusion of the episode, implying that he was the perpetrator.

what is the charcter of tom
Nikki recognized him instantly when his face flashed on her computer screen, and she had his phone number stored in her contacts. Who is Tom, however?

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Tom is an ex-military man who was born in Cambridge, the setting for the first three seasons of the program. He also knows Sam and served as her security detail when she traveled to Stockholm to do the post-mortem on the murdered politician.

Producer Nick Lambon suggested that fans would be in for a “big shock” and that Tom was an “important figure” in Nikki’s history while discussing Tom’s position in the season.

The Conclusion of The Episode.

He went on to explain that in episode two, Sam would doubt if Nikki is being really honest. “Tom and Sam were once extremely close, they used to work together, and then they had a falling out,” he said to Metro.

in silent witness

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“We gave him a backstory where he worked in the army, Special Ops, and private security alongside Sam, all of which leads us to assume he can fire a gun.” “Tom and Nikki’s bond makes things even more confusing for Sam,” he added.

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