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Addison Rae’s Net Worth: How Much Does Addison Rae Make a Year?

Addison Rae, also known as Addison Rae Easterling, is an American actress, dancer, and internet personality worth $5 million. She was the world’s highest-paid TikTok personality. On her TikTok account, she is well-known for sharing lip-syncing and dance videos.

After Charli D’Amelio, she has amassed over 87,5 million followers on TikTok, making her the second most followed user.

She has been a vital member of the TikTok collaborative group “The Hype House” alongside Chase Hudson, Dixie D’Amelio, and Avani Gregg since December 2019.

She worked in advertising for several brands, including American Eagle, Reebok, L’Oréal, and Hollister. In 2021, she will make her acting debut as Padgett Sawyer in the forthcoming adaptation of the 1999 adolescent comedy “She’s All That.”

Addison Rae’s Early Life

Addison Rae Easterling was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, on October 6, 2000. Even though Easterling’s parents split while she was a child, they remarried in 2017.

Addison was reared in a Christian home with her two younger brothers. Many of her relatives have subsequently built their TikTok following. Rae began taking dancing lessons at a young age and competed in dance contests by six.

Addison studied sports broadcasting at Louisiana State University after graduating from high school. However, her rising success on TikTok led her to drop out of education, go to Los Angeles, and devote her whole career to the entertainment industry.

Addison Rae’s Net Worth: How Much Does Addison Rae Make a Year?

Addison Rae’s Career

Addison’s professional career began in 2019 when she posted her first dancing videos on TikTok. In 2019, she also joined the collective known as the Hype House. This community enables diverse content providers to cooperate on videos and other projects.

Rae garnered over one million followers within a few months of joining the network.

This persuaded her to drop out of college, as she felt she could transform her TikTok presence into a legitimate job if she took it seriously.

During this time, Rae moved into more internet channels, including YouTube and Instagram. In 2020, she joined the WME talent agency.

Addison has demonstrated an aptitude for comedic skits, lip-syncs, trends, and other trendy topics in her TikTok videos and dance videos.

Rae has landed her first brand endorsement deal by July 2020. She began her career with American Eagle, where she was featured in their “Back to School” campaign in a “virtual photoshoot” in her bedroom.

Next, she produced a podcast alongside her mother and founded the Item Beauty cosmetics business. Rae is the Chief Innovation Officer for this organization.

She starred in “He’s All That” in 2021, a remake of 1999 classic “She’s All That.” The remake is a gender-swapped update, and Addison portrays a character modeled after Freddie Prinze Jr. after that, it was claimed that she had signed a contract with Netflix.

This was a multi-film arrangement in which Addison will participate in several upcoming films for the streaming giant. Rae launched her debut single in 2021.

Late in 2021, it was revealed that Rae had canceled her appearance at the iHeart Radio Music Festival.
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She said that she was “not ready to offer 110 percent” and that it wouldn’t be fair to her supporters if she didn’t give the program her best.
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During this time, she was in New York City for the Met Gala and Fashion Week.


Addison Rae rated TikTok star Bryce Hall, but the couple split up after a year. She is also recognized for her strong friendship with Kourtney Kardashian and other Kardashian family members.

Addison was featured on the popular reality program “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” after building a solid bond with Kourtney.

Addison Rae’s Net Worth: How Much Does Addison Rae Make a Year?

Addison Rae Car

According to rumors, Addison Rae possesses an $80,000 Tesla Model X. This vehicle has a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour and is entirely electric.


Addison was previously criticized for appearing on “The Tonight Show” without sufficient protection against Covid-19, wearing a glass face shield instead of a mask. Additionally, it has been widely rumored that Rae is a Trump supporter.

She embraced him before a UFC fight, and there are rumors that she previously “liked” the former president’s tweets. Most of the time, Rae’s publicists have been silent on the matter, but they have claimed that the “liked” posts were the product of a technical error.

Addison Rae’s Net Worth: How Much Does Addison Rae Make a Year?

Youtube Channel of Addison Rae

She joined YouTube on August 28, 2016, and as of March 20, 2022, her channel has over 146,162,042 views and 4.58 million followers.

Visit her YouTube channel by clicking the link below.

Name of the channel: Addison Rae

Addison Rae Net Worth?

Addison Rae is an American online star with a $15 million net worth. She was the highest-paid TikTok star in the world in 2020, with pre-tax earnings of million.

This was $1 million more than the most followed person on TikTok, Charli D’Amelio. Addison made $9 million in 2021.


Addison’s income is generated from sponsorships, merchandising, and production partnerships. @addisonre has more than 80 million followers on TikTok as of this writing.

She came to prominence through numerous dancing videos. After commencing her activity on the Chinese social media network in 2019, Addison garnered over 80 million followers on TikTok, eventually becoming one of the top three personalities with Charli D’Amelio and Khaby Lame. She was reportedly the highest-earning TikTok star in the year 2020.

Addison has broadened her activities beyond TikTok to include music and acting. In 2021, her debut song, “Obsessed,” was released. In 2021, she made her acting debut in “He’s All That,” the Netflix remake of “She’s All That.”

Since then, Addison Rae has amassed large followings on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. In January 2020, she joined the entertainment agency WME.

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Movies and Music Videos by Addison Rae

Addison Rae has aspirations of being a successful actress. She is still pursuing her ambition. LAROI, the Kid

Rae inspired me to write a song. Although she responded to the music, it has millions of views on YouTube alone.

You’ve probably seen her danceability. She is, however, the first TikToker to appear in a major Hollywood film, Marnie’s World, in 2015.

How Much Does Addison Rae Make in a Year?

In 2021, it was thought that Addison Rae, who makes videos for TikTok, made about $8.5 million each year. Earnings come from advertising, sponsored content, and appearances at events.


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