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Jordan Peterson Net Worth: How Professional Psychologist Became Millionaire?

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and a University of Toronto professor. Aside from his work in psychology, Peterson is most recognized as a public intellectual and YouTube celebrity, having gained global renown for his interviews and lectures, including one with Cathy Newman in 2018.

Peterson’s right-wing views on political correctness and feminism have earned him a cult following. He claims that the West has been engulfed by a tsunami of political correctness, which he blames mostly on colleges.

In a BBC interview, Peterson said that the male spirit has been under attack in recent years, alleging that there has been a “backlash against masculinity.” In January 2020, Peterson was diagnosed with severe depression and placed in a medically induced coma.

Jordan Peterson Childhood and Education

Jordan Peterson was born in Edmonton, Alberta, in 1962. He is the oldest child of Beverley and Walter Peterson and grew up in the little town of Fairview. His parents both worked in education as teachers and librarians, and he has two siblings.

Jordan Peterson Net Worth

Jordan received his secondary school diploma from Fairview in 1979. Sandy Notley, his high school librarian, introduced him to a variety of writers who set him on his future course. He moved on to Grande Prairie Regional College to study political science and English literature after graduation. He proceeded to the University of Alberta to finish his schooling and received his BA in political science in 1982. He then went on to get his Ph.D. in clinical psychology at McGill University.

Jordan Peterson career

Peterson became well-known when, from 1993 to 1998, he started teaching at Harvard University. He looked at how drug use affects aggression and passed over many unusual thesis ideas.

In 1998, he brought the Levenson Teaching Prize back into play. In the same year, he moved back to Canada and started working full-time as a professor.
He has studied things like creativity, religion, ideology, industrial and organizational psychology, and personality psychology, among other things. Over the years, he wrote more than 100 papers for school.

Peterson’s autobiography, “Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief,” was published in 1999. It took him more than 13 years to finish the book, which was about his boyhood.

The book has a very detailed theory about how people make meaning and how they use ideas from different fields, like mythology, religion, and psychology, to make stories.

His YouTube channel, JordanPetersonVideos, which he started in 2013, also made him famous. As of this year, 4.32 million people are following him on YouTube.

The Net Worth of Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson earns roughly $200,000 per month as a professional psychologist. He makes something around that much as a powerful person. Before it was deactivated in 2019, he claimed that his Patreon account brought in $80,000 each month.

Peterson is paid $35,000 each speech for his public speaking engagements. He also sells a ten-dollar personality test. Finally, Peterson is said to have sold around 5 million books. His net worth is believed to be $8 million as a result of all of this.

Jordan Peterson Net Worth

Jordan Peterson’s Personal Life

Tammy Roberts is Peterson’s wife. In 1989, they said their vows. Mikhaila and Julian are their two children. Mikhaila is a nutrition expert. When her dad had a severe autoimmune reaction to food, she helped him decide what to eat.

Jordan was first told to take a drug that made him feel different, but he was later told to stop. He had symptoms of withdrawal and got pneumonia. He got help in Russia, and by 2020, he was back to normal.

Jordan Peterson’s Favorite Quotes

“Take charge of your health, try to keep your family together, try to help your community, and try to find the eternal truth… That’s the kind of thing that can give you a strong foundation in life so you can handle the hard parts.” — Jordan Peterson

“I think that ideology is bad because it feeds off of religious structures. Being an ideologue is like having all the bad things about religious certainty without any of the good things. If you are an idealist, you think that everything you think is true. If you believe in God, there’s still a mystery there.” — Jordan Peterson

“I don’t know what’s going on around me or why, so it’s hard for me to figure out what kind of box to put myself in. But I need to stay outside of boxes so I can see what’s inside without being a part of them. “— Jordan Peterson

“Identity politics is a sick game. This is one of the main points I’ve been making. You don’t play games with your race, ethnicity, or gender. Let’s say that the Left plays them for the oppressed, and let’s say that the Right plays them for nationalism and ethnic pride. I think both of them are just as dangerous.” — Jordan Peterson


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