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HomenewsTrump's Social Truth Makes the Weirdest Announcement in Record| View Updates!

Trump’s Social Truth Makes the Weirdest Announcement in Record| View Updates!

Given Donald Trump’s history of failing economic endeavors, the firm buying his media network, Truth Social, cautioned investors on Monday that there was a possibility of bankruptcy.

Digital World Acquisition Corp. noted in a regulatory filing that there are “no guarantees” that Truth Social would succeed, citing multiple instances of Trump’s bankruptcies.

In October, Digital World and Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), which owns Truth Social, announced a merger. After the riot at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, the former president was forbidden from using major social media platforms, and the social media network was founded in February.

Digital World detailed the failures of multiple Trump businesses in Monday’s filing, including the Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Plaza, and Trump Castle in Atlantic City, as well as Trump University, Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks, and
“Several businesses that had licensing arrangements with President Trump have fallen through. There can be no guarantees that TMTG will succeed “According to the petition, “While all of the aforementioned firms were in different industries than TMTG, there is no assurance that TMTG’s performance would outperform that of those organizations.”

According to the petition, Trump will have extensive power over TMTG, owning between 47 and 58 percent of the firm and acting as its chairman. Trump has also agreed to post on Truth Social six hours before making identical postings on other platforms in order to maximize visibility on the site, according to the agreement. Following that, Trump is free to post on any other social media network to which he has access.

Truth Social was primarily regarded as a failure by users in the first several months following its inception, with hundreds of thousands of individuals placed on waitlists to join due to bots and technical issues. In the beginning, Trump and his family didn’t seem too enthused about the app. Until April, the former president was mainly absent on Twitter, while some of his children had maintained a stronger presence.

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Truth Social has been chastised for having a user interface that is very similar to that of Twitter, from which Trump has been banned. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has claimed that if his bid to acquire Twitter for $44 billion is approved, he would restore Trump’s account.

saddest truth of trump

Truth Social declared last month that it will make “significant capacity increases” to improve the app’s “performance and dependability” in reaction to its bumpy start. TMTG was contacted by Newsweek for comment.


Donald Trump‘s social media network, truth Social, which he founded after getting banned from Twitter, has not been the overwhelming success its investors had hoped for.

Despite Trump Media & Technology Group, the company behind Truth Social, boldly claiming it would disrupt not only fellow social media networks, but “Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google” as well, “daily active users” were reportedly clocking in at 513,000 as of late March, compared to Twitter’s roughly 217 million visitors.

trump truth social

Meanwhile, those who want to use the app seem to be less than enthusiastic about it. “What’s the sense of downloading the app if you can’t register?” “I’ve attempted to create an account around 10 times,” one App Store review says. It claims that they sent me a verification email, which I never get.” “The app hardly works,” says another. Complete propaganda and misinformation dissemination.

It’s turning into a forum for Trump to gather money so that his cronies may continue to swindle.” Two senior executives departed in April, according to Reuters, and were “key actors” and the “brains” behind the app’s technology. The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into the proposed merger of Digital World Acquisition, a special purpose acquisition firm, with Truth Social’s parent business.

Users of Android.

Despite CEO Devin Nunes’ claims that it will be fully operational by the end of March, the app is still not accessible for Android users. Nunes resigned his position in Congress to manage this business.

social network

And, after months of not sending a single “truth,” Trump has begun to participate with the network he built, but not at the same level as he did with Twitter. And now, the T.S. gang has made its darkest admission yet:

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A Large Portion of The Country.

anybody on the fence about joining can take solace in the knowledge that Trump will almost certainly be sharing his “truths” elsewhere within hours, if not before he does so on Truth Social. According to New York,
To put it another way, if you’re considering joining Trump’s Truth Social, save yourself a download, according to the firm.

trump's social

Elon Musk claimed earlier this month that if he buys Twitter, he’ll put Trump back on, claiming that banning him for instigating a violent riot was “not proper” since it “alienated a huge section of the nation.” Trump, for one, has said that if given the chance, he would not return to Twitter, a remark that even his closest aides warn against believing.


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