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Today, Governor Hochul Makes a Virtual Announcement: View Updates!

The obligation will be lifted on March 2nd, according to Hochul, with some advice for areas with a greater positive rate.

“Based on all the evidence,” Hochul stated, “we will remove the statewide mandate.” “Some counties, however, have a greater transmission rate than others. We’ll let them decide what’s best for their area.”
She went on to say that parents would have the option of sending their children to school wearing masks and that those who do so should not be bullied.

On Sunday, Mayor Eric Adams of New York City issued a statement, which included the following: ” “I’d want to express my gratitude to the millions of New Yorkers who have been immunized to help prevent the spread of the disease. By attaining unparalleled levels of immunization, New Yorkers rose up and helped us save lives.

I’d also want to express my gratitude to Governor Hochul for her support in the battle against COVID-19 and for emphasizing the need to include parents in the discussion. Furthermore, as long as COVID indications indicate a low level of risk and no surprises are expected this week, we will remove Key2NYC restrictions on Monday, March 7. This will give businesses time to adjust, and it will enable us to make the greatest public health choices for New Yorkers.”

Adult care institutions, nursing homes, correctional facilities, homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, and public transportation, among other indoor settings, will continue to have masking instructions, according to Hochul. The original schedule has been moved ahead roughly a week as a result of this news. Hochul cited the CDC’s recommendations and existing measurements as reasons to make a decision sooner.

After a week off, almost a million students in New York City will return to school on Monday. Mayor Adams said that they would review the figures at the conclusion of the week and make a final determination about masks on Friday.

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Children must wear masks inside, according to Hochul.

New York City will eliminate the indoor mask rule for public school students on Monday, March 7, if there are no unexpected rises and our figures continue to reflect a low level of danger. Since the beginning of the pandemic, our schools have been among the safest places for our children, and we will continue to make the necessary public health decisions to keep our children safe, including making masks available to any child or school staff member who wishes to wear them,” Adams said.

new york in schools allowed the mask

‘As they are and have been crucial to defending New Yorkers,’ Adams said.

In addition, Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of New York announced that, as a result of Governor Hochul’s announcement, they are no longer legally obligated by New York State to mandate mask-wearing in school as of Wednesday, March 2, and that wearing a mask by an adult or children in all Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of New York will be recommended but not required beginning March 2.

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Kathy Hochul had a positive Covid test.

“I tested positive for COVID-19 today. On Sunday, the governor posted on Twitter, “Thankfully, I’m vaccinated and boosted, and I’m asymptomatic.” “This week, I’m going to isolate myself and work from home.

Hochul, 63, advised citizens in the Empire State to obtain their immunizations and isolate if they develop COVID-19 symptoms.

hochul is positive for covid-19
“A reminder to all New Yorkers: get vaccinated and boosted, get checked, and stay home if you’re sick,” she said.
Hochul’s positive test makes her the latest politician from New York to have the virus.
Mayor of New York City Eric Adams had the flu last month and had minimal symptoms. After attending the state Democratic Party’s convention in February, then-Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin tested positive for COVID-19 days later.
Both city Public Advocate Jumaane Williams and city Comptroller Scott Stringer hired COVID-19 late last year.

In New York City, instances of Covid-19 are on the rise.

Hochul was in New York City last week, attending an event with Gov. Phil Murphy, D-New Jersey, who tested positive for Covid-19 in March.

Positive Covid-19 instances are on the rise in New York City and across the state.

Hochul announced the stay home

In the state, more than 9,900 individuals tested positive. The most recent day for which data is publicly accessible is Saturday. With 13,902 positive cases recorded on Thursday, the state had its highest number of positive findings since the end of January.

The state’s seven-day average optimism rate was 7.2 percent on Saturday, up from 7% the week before.

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