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Tiktok Hamster Cult: What Is It? Explained Profile Picture with Hamsters!

A new cult has emerged, and it’s not for Lana Del Rey. Here’s the deal with the hamster Pfp that has everyone talking on TikTok. Your questions about the hamster cult can be answered here. There is a new fad on TikTok, and users have conflicting reactions to it. The platform appears to have spawned a new cult shortly after the singer Lana’s followers dominated it. This time, hamster-obsessed activists are out to defeat the Lana cult. Insane as it may sound, this phenomenon is indeed dominating the social media platform TikTok.

WTF Is the Tiktok Hamster Cult?

Tiktok Hamster Cult: What Is It? Explained Profile Picture with Hamsters!

Simply put, a Hamster Cult Consists of A Group of People Who Have All Just Switched to Hamster Avatars. the fact that They Want to Seize Control of The Lana Del Rey Fandom Is a Contributing Factor. on The Other Hand, There Are Those Who Like to Flaunt Their Adoration for The Animal.

Because so many of Her Followers Had Switched to Using an Image of The Singer as Their Profile Pic, Lana’s Cult Managed to Disrupt the Social Media Platform Tik Tok. You May Now Find Thousands of Tik Tokers Whose Profile Pictures Feature a Hamster if You Log In. the Image People Are Using Is a Close-Up of A Hamster.

Fans’ Reactions to The Fad Have Been All Over the Map. Some of Them Have Discovered Its Charms and Decided to Join the Movement. While Some Are Sick of The Tik Tok Cults, Others Are Just Getting Started.

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The Hamster Cult: Where to Start.

It’s Easy to Become a Member of This Tik Tok Cult. in Order to Fit In, You Need only Update Your Profile Photo to The Ubiquitous Hamster Gif. Next, Look for Additional Accounts that Have a Similar Profile Photo and Start Following Them. Instantly You Have Been Indoctrinated Into the Worship of The Hamster.

After This, There Is Nothing Further You Can Do. Tik Tok Has Been Flooded with The Craze, and Twitter Has Been Buzzing with Reactions. It Seems Destined to Soon Become the Dominant Ideology Among Lana Del Rey Fans.

The hamster cult is a subculture on TikTok, with the meme hamster as its mascot. It’s basically a TikTok war, and we loathe Lana Del Rey. They urged Twitter users to “join the Hamster cult today” by using the hashtag #Hamster.



Song: “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth

In order to prove your devotion to the hamster cause, you must update your TikTok profile picture to the “Staring Hamster” meme. As of late, it seems like all either side can do is bash the other on Twitter and Facebook.

One Twitter user admitted, “I joined the hamster cult for a brief time.
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” “It’s just dull. However, the conference did feature delicious refreshments. With regards to cults in general, I’d give it two out of five stars. Plan B is to become a member of the Lana Del Rey fan club.


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