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Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader Breakup? Why Did They Broken Up?

This means that Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader are officially no longer an item. According to Entertainment Tonight, the 36-year-old star of “A Simple Favor” and the 44-year-old star of “Barry” have split up after more than a year of dating. Both of the actors’ representatives turned down the opportunity to speak with PEOPLE.

A source told PEOPLE in January that Kendrick and Hader had been “quietly” dating for almost a year.

Despite playing siblings in the 2019 Disney Christmas film Noelle, the insider says the two didn’t start dating until “long after” filming was over. In retrospect, the source’s words read: “They prefer to keep to themselves, and the pandemic made it simple for them to do so. Because they are both hilarious, they must constantly find new ways to make each other laugh. She reports being really content.”

Their Relationship

Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader Breakup?

As soon as they shared a chuckle, they became fast friends. When Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader were just friends, their relationship was full of mutual admiration, fun times, and laughter. The two actors played siblings in the upcoming holiday film Noelle, and they met on set. On the other hand, a source exclusively told Us Weekly in January 2022 that the actors didn’t start dating until “they were both singles at the same time.”

The Saturday Night Live alum was linked to Rachel Bilson a month after the film’s release; he and Bilson broke up in July 2020. Carey and the Saturday Night Live alum have three kids, Hannah (born in 2009), Harper (born in 2012), and Hayley (born in 2014). The Pitch Perfect star has been linked to Jake Gyllenhaal, Edgar Wright, and cinematographer Ben Richardson. In January of 2022, the Us announced Kendrick and Hader were dating. They’re “very into each other and make each other laugh – a lot,” the source told Us.

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How Many Children Do They Both Have?

Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader Breakup?

Another witness reported one month later that the two hit it off right away. Bill and Anna hit it off immediately. The source said, “They dig each other’s sense of humor,” and went on to say that the two comedy performers were “flying under the radar and enjoying the basic things — as opposed to [doing] anything too flashy.” The two “connected” with each other’s girls, a source told Us, and their romance blossomed behind the scenes. Even before their parents started dating, Hader and Kendrick had a legion of young admirers in the form of Hader’s children.

In a November 2019 interview with the Twilight star, the comedian told Collider, “When I told [my kids about Noelle], I was like, ‘Hey, I’m reading a script now about this woman who, you know, Santa Claus’ daughter becomes Santa.'” People were like, “A girl Santa? And I agreed with them; “Yeah.” They’re asking, “But does she have a beard?” …and I was all “No, no, no.” He said, “And it’s the chick from Pitch Perfect, and they were all ecstatic.” After that, there was a collective “Ah!”

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What Is the Reason for Their Breakup?

Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader Breakup?

Hader, originally from Oklahoma, told The Hollywood Reporter in March 2022 that he kept his relationship with Kendrick private for the sake of his daughters. Just being their dad, he said, was all they wanted from him. It was rumored that the couple broke up in June of 2022.
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The A Simple Favor actress was reportedly considered “one of the funniest individuals he’s ever met” by Hader, the star of Saturday Night Live before the couple broke up. This is a placeholder for the month of February 2022.

A second insider confirmed the couple’s courtship a month after Us did: “Bill and Anna hooked right immediately.” They appreciate one another’s wit. As a source told Us at the time, Kendrick has “immediately bonded” with Hader’s three daughters and the couple does “all the typical stuff” together. They frequently get away for the weekend to go hiking, see movies, and spend time with friends.

March 2022

To protect the privacy of his girls, Hader dodged questions regarding his relationship with the “Cups” singer. His children simply want him to be their father, he told The Hollywood Reporter. They want me to do nothing but watch Encanto on repeat. That’s why I act in that way.


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