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HomenewsStatutes Enacted in 2023 in the States of New York, New Jersey,...

Statutes Enacted in 2023 in the States of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

N.Y.C. – Increases to the minimum wage and stricter regulations on the possession of firearms are just a few of the new regulations that will be enforced in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut come 2023. Here is a look at a few that will have an effect on your life in 2023.

Pay Scale (New York and New Jersey)

As of December 31st, upstate New York counties will continue to see the minimum wage increase to $15 per hour.

Employees who live and work anywhere else in New York State than New York City, Long Island, and Westchester County will receive a .

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00 raise in their hourly wage, from $13.20 to $14.20. The minimum wage in the state of New Jersey is to up by $1.13, to $14.13.

Robocalls (New York)

After providing their name and contact information, telemarketers are now obligated to provide call recipients the opportunity to be placed on their company’s do-not-call list at the commencement of all telemarketing calls.

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The current rule mandated that telemarketers let customers know they may sign up for a do-not-call list, but this choice was often presented at the very end of the call.

Paid Time Off for Illness (New York)

Under the new law, siblings are considered “family members” for the purpose of paid family leave. Workers can now receive up to 67% of their regular pay for up to 12 weeks to help a sibling who is ill.

Airports (New York)

A new law mandates that certain airports create private areas for breastfeeding mothers.

Safety for Walkers and Cyclists (New York)

In order to pass the written knowledge test and acquire their driver’s license, prospective drivers must demonstrate an understanding of pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Among the College Scene (New York)

In New York, college athletes can now earn money from endorsements without risking their scholarships or playing time. The law allows college players to be paid for many reasons, such as the use of their likeness or name. Alternatively, they can retain legal counsel.

Voting Changes (New York)

New Yorkers’ ability to vote has been strengthened by a new law that also makes voting more convenient. Votes cast by eligible voters at the incorrect polling site must be counted and canvassed if they are cast in the correct county and assembly district, but at the incorrect polling station.

Care Facilities for the Elderly (New York)

When an illness is found at a residential healthcare facility, staff are now required by law to notify residents and their legal guardians as soon as possible.

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This regulation also mandates that nursing facilities have a plan in place to care for residents who have been exposed to or infected with the virus.

Revealing Compensation Structures (New York)

Employers in California must now disclose wage ranges for all open positions and raises in accordance with a new rule that mandates such disclosures across the state.

The Cost of Car Insurance Goes Up (New Jersey)

After Gov. Phil Murphy signed a measure increasing the minimum amount of liability insurance drivers are required to have, as many as one million New Jersey drivers will pay around $125 extra each year for their auto insurance.

 Restricting Access to Firearms (New Jersey)

The law prohibits concealed-carry firearms in public locations like schools, courthouses, and drinking establishments. However, it’s being contested in court by others who believe it violates their Second Amendment rights to have arms.

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Furthermore, all firearms acquired from outside the state must be registered by their owners. All handgun ammunition sales must be recorded in detail by an electronic system and reported to state police.
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