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A New Jersey Man Is Identified as The Dog’s Abandoner at The Des Moines Airport.

A 24-year-old man from New Jersey left a dog tied up at the Des Moines airport on December 29 before to a transcontinental flight, according to a news release issued by the Animal Rescue League of Iowa on Tuesday.
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Police in Des Moines identified him as Charles Bigsen of Newark in a complaint.

According to the ARL press statement, the guy has surrendered the dog, known as Allie to the agency. Once the 1-year-old puppy is spayed, has an identity microchip, and receives other necessary veterinary care, she will be eligible for adoption, according to the ARL, which has gotten dozens of offers to take her in since the story was first publicized.

Animal services personnel from ARL retrieved Allie after receiving a tip that a traveler had left the dog chained outside the airport. Employees of the airline informed them that the dog’s owner was unable to bring her on a cross-country journey since he did not have a kennel.

According to them, the owner left the airport with the dog before returning alone to board the plane. The dog was then discovered tied outside the airport.

According to the police report naming Bigsen, Allie, who the ARL staff characterized as “very nice,” would have perished if an airport employee hadn’t discovered her.
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It stated that she was attached to a post with a short leash and had no access to food, water, or shelter.

“Mr. Bigsen then entered the airport and boarded a flight to Newark, New Jersey, leaving the dog here,” the report stated. “During a subsequent chat… he told investigators he did not offer any food or water for the dog, nor did he make plans for its retrieval. In addition, he stated that he had no plans to retrieve the dog.

“Until police arrived, a witness (an airport employee) covered the dog with a blanket and remained with it,” the lawsuit continued.

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