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Station 19 Season 6 Episode 5: Release Date, Who is in the Cast of Station 19 Season 6 Episode 5?

The date that Station 19, Season 6, Episode 5 will air is coming up quickly. This drama show is made in the United States and Canada.

Most of the action happens at the Station 19 Seattle Fire Office, where most of the main characters meet. These brave people put up with the worst fires while trying to save lives in dangerous situations.

When Will Season 6 Episode 5 of Station 19 Come Out?

The fifth episode of Station 19’s sixth season will air on November 3, 2022.

“Pick Up the Pieces” is the name of this episode. ABC will remove the program from the air at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

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Station 19’s Season 6 Episode 5 Cast

  • Andy Herrera, played by Jaina Lee Ortiz,
  • Ben Warren, played by Jason George
  • Boris Kodjoe portrays Damon plays Robert Sullivan Grey.
  • Gibson, Jack Barrett Doss portrays Victoria Hugues
  • Travis Montgomery was played by Jay Hayden.
  • Bishop Maya, played by Danielle Savre,
  • Dr. Carina DeLuca, played by Stefania Spampinato
  • Captain Carlos Miranda plays Theo Ruiz, and Josh Randall plays Sean Beckett.
  • Michael Dixon was played by Pat Healy.
  • As the head of the fire department, Merle Natasha Ross is a woman.
  • Raphael, played by Patrick Cage.

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Station 19 Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: “Pick Up the Pieces”

The fifth episode of Station 19 starts with Andy having a video chat with her mom. She is getting ready for a date, and her mom is helping her choose what to wear.

Her mother is happy that she is dating someone who isn’t a firefighter, and Andy says that she knows what she wants.

She says Eli is the kind of person she doesn’t want in a casual way. Because she and Eli get along so well, I doubt she knows what she wants.

Maya and Carina’s evening is going somewhere else. Carina is trying to get back in touch with Maya by thinking back to their first night together.

She tells Maya that she loves her and that they will get through this problem. In the end, they kiss, and Carina thinks that their relationship is back on track.

Vic and Theo are working the night shift at the station, and Theo is checking the fire station. He is worried because Beckett isn’t doing the little things that come with his job. Vic tries to help him, but he tells her to focus on getting ready for her girls’ boot camp.

The next morning, the team is surprised to find Maya making breakfast while she is very happy. Ben says in a joke that her time off did her good, and she agrees that it was fun. Before things get busy at the clinic today, Ben is looking forward to eating dinner.
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When Dixon tells the press about Travis’ time in jail, he ruins their breakfast. Vic tries to reassure Travis that they can fix the problem, but Travis is angry that they didn’t see Dixon coming.

Andy and Sullivan also have to stop eating to answer an emergency call while they are in the middle of a meal.

Andy tries to help Sullivan with his “woman problems” by telling him to ask for what he wants on the trip. Sullivan is in love with Natasha, but they both worry that if their relationship is known, it could hurt them at work.

They quickly get to the place where the emergency call came from and find a man named Raphael who wants to kill himself by jumping off a tall building.

When Ben gets back to the station, he sees Gibson sleeping in his car, so he invites him to the clinic. He takes care of his hurt wrist, so he can take a shower and change his clothes at the station.

Gibson disapproves of the modifications Ben and Carina have made to the clinic. Ben tells him to take care of it or come back and do the job himself. Carina is at the clinic when a young woman gives her a paper and tells her to give it to Gibson. This is a strange thing to happen.

Natasha is at Station 19 for the start of her new pilot program to keep an eye on the units at fire stations that report events. She tells Travis how to run his campaign and asks him to find someone who will say bad things about Dixon.

In the meantime, Theo tells Vic to think again about whether or not she wants to keep working as Travis’ campaign manager. She is clearly not ready to take on this role.

The team is sent to a battery plant to handle a dangerous situation. The workers are in a room that is locked and can’t be opened.

Without the manager’s passcode, which is needed to get around the new digital system, they can’t get to them. The difficulty is that the manager did not report to work, and it is difficult to reach him.
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Natasha hears both calls and figures out that Raphael is the manager they are looking for. Sullivan and Andy try to get him to jump off the cliff so they can take him to the factory and save the workers who are stuck there. Raphael saves the day because they get there just in time.

After the calls, the team returns to the station, where Vic suggests to Travis that he hire Eli as his campaign manager. Eli shows up at this time and says what he wants to say, but Andy is worried that Eli might convince Travis to join the bad side.

During their talk, Maya asks Carina if she has taken a pregnancy test. Carina states that she is awaiting assistance from Maya.


Maya informs Carina that she is processing her emotions and disappointments in her own manner and that she would prefer it if Carina stopped attempting to exert control over her. They are back in the same fight, which never seems to end.

Theo asks to talk to Natasha and tells her that Beckett’s bad leadership is making him feel worried. He is worried that Beckett will make bad calls that will hurt the team.

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Andy gives Gibson the document, and Gibson then asks him to go back to work. Gibson says that he will talk to Natasha. Andy is relieved to hear this and allows him to peruse the document in private.


At the end of the episode, Natasha isn’t sure if she should tell Sullivan how she really feels about him.


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