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Selena’s Nana Might Have Announced at The Singer’s Break up In a Different Manner!

I don’t know!” Selena Gomez told ELLE in September 2015 whether she would ever get back together with Justin Bieber—the guy she officially split up within 2012, but had been on and off with until the fall of 2014, when she officially ended their relationship.

In the same way that we grew up together, I’ll always support and love him. Justin Bieber spoke to Access Hollywood about Selena Gomez in November of that year “I’ll always be in love with her. I’ll never stop checking up on her.
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” They both went on tour and had casual relationships with other people while still having fun. Insta-fame-making moments (many times).

Their First Meet.

Selena's Nana Might Have Announced at The Singer's Break up In a Different Manner!

When Gomez unleashed a devastating strike in August of that year, nobody expected it “Just stop posting images of your [new] girlfriend. It should only be for you and your partner.
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Fans aren’t the ones to blame; you should be grateful for them. They adore you, “After he accused Beliebers of not being true fans for bashing his new lover Sofia Richie, she wrote to Bieber to express her feelings.

Commenters reacted angrily to Bieber’s response “It’s amusing to see those who exploited me for their own gain continue to blame me in this manner. Sad. All of my heart.” Shortly thereafter, he unfollowed Gomez. That morning, the conflict continued as usual. Before returning to the spotlight in November of that year, Gomez took some time off to concentrate on her health.


Selena's Nana Might Have Announced at The Singer's Break up In a Different Manner!

She began dating The Weeknd two months later and they were together for over ten months (Bieber was petty about it in the beginning). After a brief breakup, Jelena reconnected with him for a final time. They called it quits in March of this year. In June of this year, Justin Bieber rekindled his relationship with Hailey Baldwin.

On September 30, 2019, they married for the second time, this time in a religious ceremony, after being engaged in July. As a result, Jelena’s romance journey comes to an end. How did everything suddenly change? It’s complicated. After the couple’s final major breakup in 2014, here’s a rundown of all the Jelena drama since:

Their Breakup.

Selena's Nana Might Have Announced at The Singer's Break up In a Different Manner!

There have been several reported sightings of Gomez and Bieber together recently, the most recent being in Paris in October of 2014. Their trip to New York coincided with the start of fashion week. It was only when Kendall Jenner and Bieber were seen having lunch together alone that the tabloids speculated that Kendall and Selena Gomez had broken up.

Bieber was never a part of Jenner’s life, she claimed in 2015. Paris is left alone by Gomez after she tweeted that she and Bieber, who had just reaffirmed their relationship a few weeks earlier, are no longer together.

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Went Public as A Couple?

Selena's Nana Might Have Announced at The Singer's Break up In a Different Manner!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez went public as a couple for the first time at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party in February 2011 after their first date in 2010. After months of keeping their relationship a secret, Selena Gomez opened out to Seventeen about finally revealing it.

“The idea of going into hiding does not appeal to me in the slightest. However, despite my preference for secrecy, I’m an 18-year-old girl who is certain to fall in love at some point “She came clean, as it were. As far as I’m concerned, “I’m going to meet new people and get to know myself.”


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