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Sailors from New Jersey Who Were Rescued Describe Their Ordeal at Sea: A Devilish Howl Could Be Heard from The Distance

After being at sea for over a week after setting sail for Florida, two sailors from New Jersey have finally made it back to shore and are speaking out about their ordeal. The Minnie the dog, together with her owners Kevin Hyde (age 65) and Joe Ditomasso (age 76), arrived home to New York City safely on Wednesday evening.
Their long and perilous voyage was over, and they were not only dry but also in high spirits.

“Jesus’s cross and my granddaughter. When I first woke up, I would wake it up with a kiss and say the Our Father over it. It’s a problem if no one believes in God, and if there are none such, “Quote from Ditomasso.

Two sailors who went missing after setting sail from Cape May, New Jersey last month aboard a sailboat measuring 30 feet have been located. When asked about his family, Ditomasso claimed he was afraid he’d never see them again.

U.S. Coast Guard rescuers brought the 76-year-old, his companion Kevin Hyde, and their dog to safety on Tuesday, 214 miles east of Delaware.

Hyde said that the crew’s vigilance was reflected in the massive difference between their ship and the vastness of the ocean they were navigating.

Rescued New Jersey boaters recall being lost at sea: 'It sounded like the devil was out there'

Helicopter footage was obtained of the Silver Muna passing beneath the Verrazzano Bridge on Wednesday night, bringing the sailors home to their loved ones.

The crew of the commercial tanker saw them while transporting petroleum from Amsterdam to New York.

Silver Muna Captain Neerah Chaudhary said, “God sent our ship to save them since we received no distress signal, nothing.” The second officer in my ship just recognised now that something was odd.

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According to Coast Guard Sector New York Commander Capt. Zeita Merchant, the rescue operation required a huge amount of resources.

As a whole, it covered more than 2,100 square miles, from Miami to Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

The group of boaters set sail towards Florida from their home port of Cape May, New Jersey, on November 27.

Communication was severed on December 3 in North Carolina. After ten days, they had strayed from their intended path. Extremely off track.

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They were short on everything from fuel to food to radio contact to navigational aids to even basic necessities like water.

Ditomasso remarked, “We had no more water left, nothing.” “The water lines were being sucked dry by us. Eliminating them to obtain a drink of water. During the first two days, we had no access to water. We had to keep Minn from getting drunk. There was nothing she didn’t want to gulp down.”

Rescued New Jersey boaters recall being lost at sea: 'It sounded like the devil was out there'

When a massive storm diverted their course in Hatteras, according to Hyde, they headed south. Part of the sailors’ mast was broken off.

“As soon as we severed that mast, the waves reached heights of forty feet. I looked up and saw some mountains “Quote from Ditomasso. “This is the worst wind I’ve ever heard. It was frightening, like the devil himself was nearby.”

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  • They gave conflicting responses when asked if they would do it all over again.
  • “Yes, of course. Still alive, “Said Hyde.
  • “No. Closer to the water is more comfortable for me, “Quote from Ditomasso.
  • Ditomasso owed his life to a dedicated member of his family.
  • His sole prayer was to be reunited with his granddaughter.
  • The two sailors said that spending Christmas with their families was the highlight of their time on dry land.

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